Tuesday, July 05, 2005

YOUNGGAYBOYS: The youngster's gay ass

One week! A whole week! This will be awesome! Oh sorry, I shouldsay what I'm talking about. I'm on the bus on my way to Ottawa, we are on aschool trip for a week. It will be great. A whole week away from my parentsand brother, and the best thing is we all get tostay up as late as we wantin the hotel as long as we are quiet. Heh, who cares about themuseums? Iwanna sit up late playing poker with my best friend Big Bad Gay Boy :). Anyway, toskip allthe boring stuff, me and Big Bad Gay Boy get to sleep in a one bed room (ug,oh well, we have sleepingbags) and we both brought plenty of cards andbooks and games and stuff to play.
Well, the first day we got to the hotel around 8:00, everyone waspretty tired from the ride up, so the floor was really quiet. Me and Big Bad Gay Boygot to our room and unpacked a bit. We put our sleeping bags on the bedand played cards for about a half an hour. After thatwe stopped cause Big Bad Gay Boywas really tired, so we both stripped down to our tighty whities andjumpedinto our own sleeping bags. Within about 10 minutes we were both fastasleep
I don't know how long it took me, but I soon realized that I wasn'tasleep any more.I was lying on my bed, eyes wide open, cock hard between mylegs. I couldn't remember whatthe dream was about, but that didn't matterany more, it woke me up and I couldn't fallback asleep.
I looked over at Big Bad Gay Boy to see if he was still awake, I was shockedto see him on topof his sleeping bag with his underwear off. He was stillasleep, but he obviously movedaround in the night enough to pull off thetight undies. I didn't want to wake him up totell him cause it would be toembarrassing, I would just let him wake up earlier then me inthe morning tofix himself up. I laid there in my sleeping bag, maybe it was mypureboredom, or maybe it was the fact i was extremely horny from myanonymous dream, but Icouldn't help but stare at his dick. He was lying onhis side face me, so it was in plainsight. I inched a bit closer to get abetter look. It's 2 1/2" soft length flopped downwarda bit, his smooth cuthead was pink and looked extremely soft. He had a small patch ofhairgrowing at the base of his dick, the same as mine. I inched even closer andsaw hisballs, tight to his body in the cool air, and half covered by hisflaccid dick. There wheretiny soft hairs around the edges of his ball sack.
I looked up at Big Bad Gay Boy's face and saw that he was still fast asleep,so I moved abit closer, I was only a few inches away, and reached out acurious hand. I pulled it back thinking a bit.
Should I dare? What if he wakes up? Who knows what he will think? Ilooked back up at his face and decided to go for it. I reached out my handand slowly cupped his dick. I gently held onto his soft dick in my hand. Iplayed with it a bit, moving it around, looking at it from all angles. Itlooked alot like mine, except mine was extremely hard at the moment. Ibegan to stroke his dick slightly, gently enough not to wake him, butenough to get it moving. I stoked up and down on its length, and the bloodwas soon flowing into it. It pulsed with Big Bad Gay Boy's slow heartbeat, and grewto about 4 1/2", just like mine. I stroked a bit more but it wouldn't getany bigger.
I soon pulled myself out of my sleeping bag, tore off my undies,and began jacking myself off. I stared at Big Bad Gay Boy's cock while I beatmyself. I moved so his dick was only about 2 inches away from my face. Ilooked back up at Big Bad Gay Boy and decided to do it. I carefully leaned forward andslipped my mouth over my best friends cock. It tasted great... the warmthof the blood running through it and the saltiness of his crotch sweat madeit extremely exciting. I sucked slowly, and gently, not enough to wake himI hoped, but enough to do it right (I assumed). I sucked up and down on hiscock, forgetting about my own.
I slowly and gently pushed him onto his back. I then started tostraddle his legs so I had better access to my friends hard dick. I quicklytook his dick back into my mouth and continued sucking. I moved my face upand down over his shaft, licking at the cock head with my tongue, suckingat the piss slit like a straw. I began stroking myself again and found thatI wasn't gonna take long to shoot. I continued sucking on Big Bad Gay Boy's cock untilI felt him begin to tense a bit - I knew he was close, and I thought itwould be hard to keep him asleep if he shot, but I didn't care too muchanymore. I was completely caught up in the feeling of my best friends dickrolling around in my mouth.
Big Bad Gay Boy tensed and moaned unconsciously, and shot 2 loads into mymouth. I tried to swallow it all and amazingly was successful. I licked offany remaining cum from his now receding cock and sucked it a few extratimes while still stroking myself. I sucked on Big Bad Gay Boy's flaccid dick whiletrying to catch myself up. Soon I was close and I had Big Bad Gay Boy with anotherboner. I kept sucking and stroking at once and we were soon tensing uptogether. I shot a huge load into my hand and onto Big Bad Gay Boy's sleeping bagbetween his legs. Big Bad Gay Boy shot another smaller, gooey load into my mouth and Isucked it down with ease and lust. Again, I sucked off the remnants of hisorgasm, and sat up. I was amazed to see Big Bad Gay Boy still asleep and was extremelyhappy too. I couldn't imagine what he would do it he knew what I just did.
I looked down at my dick and noticed the pool of cum on Big Bad Gay Boy'ssleeping bag. I ran to the washroom, grabbed a few pieces of toilet paperand ran back to wipe up the mess I made.
Once I was cleaned up and I made sure Big Bad Gay Boy had no more cum on him,I slipped back into my undies, leaving Big Bad Gay Boy the way he was, thinking itbest to keep him naked so he doesn't think I did anything to him. I wassoon asleep in my bag, dreaming of what I had just done.
i woke up in the morning after Big Bad Gay Boy, he was already sitting on theend of the bed in his underwear, watching TV. i made no hint to whathappened last night and we went about the days things normally. well,normally except for the fact that Big Bad Gay Boy kept smiling a little more thenusually, well he smiles allot usually, but he smiled and sort of stared atme every once in a while. i didn't think he was awake last night so ididn't think anything of it.
later that night we both got into bed and soon fell asleep. i foundmyself dreaming of last night, and could swear i could feel Big Bad Gay Boy strokingmy dick, it all seemed so real. i had soon realized that this was more thenjust a dream, i was lying on my back, with my sleeping bag around me, butwith someone else's hand down my undies. i opened my eyes when i realised this and looked over at Big Bad Gay Boy; he smiled back at me and whisperedto me, "i know what you did last night, it was amazing, thanks allot. I'vebeen wanting to do something with you for months, and now that you made thefirst move, I'm free to do the rest" he grinned at me kindly.
i opened my mouth to try and say something, but he just pressed afinger to my lips and leaned forward, kissing me on the lips. i had neverkissed anyone before, not to mention a guy. his tongue slipped into my mouth and we rolled them aroundtogether. i loved the taste of his tongue almost as much as his cock.
it wasn't long before he rolled on top of me and slipped down intomy sleeping bag head first. he licked my chest, nipples, belly andbellybutton as he went. he got to my crotch and pushed my undies down andoff my legs. he slipped down a bit more and slowly took my cock into hismouth, i gasped at the feeling of his tongue on my cock head and soonrealized how it was impossible that Big Bad Gay Boy had slept through what i did lastnight.
i realised that his body had moved so his dick was right in frontof my face, hanging down just asking me to suck it. so i leaned forward andtook his penis into my mouth again and he rested down on my face so i couldsuckle it for him.
he laid in the 69 position, sucking each other for a while, Big Bad Gay Boyspooned moved one finger down to my bare butt and pushed a finger deep intomy rectum. i groaned at the feeling of something penetrating my verginghole, and soon repaid the favour to Big Bad Gay Boy but slipping my index finger intohis sphincter. we both sucked and fingered each other with all ourhorniness.
Big Bad Gay Boy occasionally came off my dick and sucked on my balls, heslipped down more and licked the skin between my balls and ass. he slippeddown far enough that i could no longer suck his dick while keeping himcomfortable so i let go and began to do what he was doing to me. i lickedand sucked his ball sac, before moving up towards his ass. Big Bad Gay Boy could notgo any further from the position he was in, but i understood hat he wasgoing to do, and decided to do it anyway. i moved up his ass, licking as iwent. i bent my head a bit and he moved a little so i could reach his assbetter.
i looked at his rectum, it was pink and puckered, it didn't smellterrible, a little tinge of ass but i didn't care about that much. i lickedaround the outside rim of his hole, and slowly moved inwards. i reached hissphincter and slowly pressed the tip of my tongue into the pink fleshyring. it slowly parted and my tongue was inserted into his ass. i pushed inand pulled out needling his ass ring with my tongue. i couldn't taste anyshit so i pushed deeper, pushing my tongue down, licking the insides of hisrectum. Big Bad Gay Boy was moaning around my balls at this point, his body stillcovered by my sleeping bag up to the small of his back.
"flip over" i heard Big Bad Gay Boy's muffled voice say, so i carefully tookmy tongue out of his ass and flipped myself over onto my stomach. Big Bad Gay Boy'sface now had a perfect view of my ass hole, and was now able to do what hewanted. he quickly began rimming my ass and got it all wet and slippery, icouldn't help but moan every time his tongue entered my ass. he moved offmy hole and crawled out of the bag, he flipped himself around and crawledback in legs first. i felt his dick pressed against my back as he moved. hestopped when his dick was directly over my ass, and then pressed down.
the saliva he pumped into my ass gave him a little extra lube, andhe was able to pop the head in without my pain, luckily his finger andtongue had stretched me out enough. he pushed down until his cock hadfully entered me and he began to hump. he moved up and down, fucking me upthe ass. i loved this feeling, my ass was full like i had to take a shit,but it was a nice fullness, i was aware of the little ridges, not like shitwhere its just there and you don't notice it.
both our bodies where still in my sleeping bag, our sweaty bodiespressed against each other. I back strained and tensed with my incomingorgasm, and i gripped tightly at the rim of my bag. my face was pressedhard into my pillow muffling my moans and groans of pleasure. Big Bad Gay Boy, on topof me, was arching his back, pounding deep into my ass. his arms at mysides and legs parallel to mine. we both moaned with each push and we weresoon shaking in a symmetrical violent orgasm. Big Bad Gay Boy let out a loud groan andI did the same into my pillow. he sent 3 shots deep into my ass and i sent2 all over the inside of my sleeping bag. our orgasms ceased and we bothcollapsed, Big Bad Gay Boy's dick was still in my ass, drenched in cum.
our bestial high was lowering down now and our breathing came backto normal somewhat. we laid there for a few minutes, catching our breath,Big Bad Gay Boy's naked, sweaty body on top of mine. we were soon fell asleep in thesame position, dreaming of each others touch.
"Man, this is so unfair! How can they stick us with that kid? Thereare plenty of other rooms! Now we won't be able to do anything for the restof the week!" Big Bad Gay Boy was complaining about our new situation. It wasn't longafter we came back from the chocolate factory that Derrick, a 10 year oldboy that came with the excelled class, had gone home extremely sick, hisroommate, Daryl, was then left to a room alone, the teachers of coursewouldn't let this go on and they decided to put him in a room with an olderpair of boys, namely us. Now we had a new roommate and he would get in theway of ANYTHING we tried, it would also be pretty hard to hide our new toysfrom him.
Big Bad Gay Boy and I trudged up the hall to our room and wandered in, wequickly hid the toys deeper under the bead and tried to cover it with spareblankets and such. We sat watching TV for a bit waiting for our roommate tocome up with his things
When he arrived he wasn't greeted with he best of moods by Big Bad Gay Boy, itried to be nice to him but Big Bad Gay Boy was just annoyed, "you sleep on the floor,and you go to bed when we say so. It's our room and our rules, so you gottago by them" the little boy was a little frightened of Big Bad Gay Boy
"Don't worry about him, he's just mad about the whole thing, hi,I'm Tim, he is Big Bad Gay Boy, your Daryl right?" the little boy nodded, "you can putyour sleeping bag over there beside the bed" the little boy did as he wastold and didn't really see much at all. We all started watching TV andaround 8:00 Daryl was trying to fall asleep.
I wanted to play with our new toys with Big Bad Gay Boy, but i new thatwouldn't happen with the younger boy in the room, so we would have to finda way to scoot him out at one point if we were ever hoping to do anything.
"What's this?" came a small voice from beside the bed
"What's what?" i asked looking over to see what the boy washolding. Me and Big Bad Gay Boy both gave a small gasp as we saw what he was holding;it was a small, blue, butt plug that was with the rest of our stash
"There is a few of them down here, and a bunch of underwear, andsome leather jacket or something"
"Yikes! Put that down! That's ours!" Big Bad Gay Boy yipped at the boy as hehopped over me and took the plug from the youngster.
"I'm sorry, i didn't mean to, i just saw it there. What is it foranyway?"
"Nothing that matters to you"
"Really? Cause i think i know what it is"
"How could you possibly know what it is?"
"Cause my sister has one sort like it, it's called a dildo, youstick it in girls vaginas"
"Heh, you can do allot more then that with them, but no, this isn'ta dildo"
"Then what is it?"
"Fine... it's called a butt plug"
"What's it for?"
"What do you think? It plugs up your butt" the boy gave a confusedlook, "ug... you put this end up your ass and feels good. Now go back tosleep and don't touch our stuff"
"It feels good? How does it feel good?"
"Cause sticking things up your as feel good, like your finger or" asmile and a glance at me, "someone else's dick"
"Really? I've never tried that, do you do that allot?"
"Well, we would like to, and we would do it allot more if youweren't here"
"That's cool, can i try it?"
"What? You want to try it?" i cut in surprised at the little boy'swords
"Ya, it sounds fun, can i try it? What do i have to do?"
Me and Big Bad Gay Boy both glanced at each other and thought up the sameawful thought, "well... i suppose we could let you do it with us, but youhave to follow our rules, and you have to promise to never tell anyone, atany time."
"Ok! I promise!" the little boy said with a big smile, happy thatthe older boys have let him join in their game.
"Ok, so, i suppose you should get on top of the bead" the littleboy happily hopped onto the bed, his little tighty whitie cover ass bobbingin the air as he went (he had already stripped down to his underwear tosleep in, but both older boys hadn't, since they planned to sleep later) islipped off the bed and began rifling through the toys under the bed,pulling a few things out. "Hey, think we could use the... you know what onhim?" i whispered into Big Bad Gay Boy's ear
"I sure hope so," he said with a giggle. And he pulled out theleather suit. "Ok, first rule, no crying, if anything hurt tell us and wewill stop, we don't need you running around crying about anything" the boynodded yes "second, you have to do what we say, so that means nocomplaining" another nod "as our first instruction, you must wear this" heheld up the suit with a big smile
"What's that? It looks like my dads leather jacket but all torn tobits"
"Its a... pleasure suit thing, so we can do what we want withyou. Ok, take off those undies and well get you into this" the boy smiledand quickly removed his underwear, we were both greeted with a nice site ofa hairless, 10 year olds soft dick, it was about 1 and a half inches long,and uncut. Big Bad Gay Boy and me both climbed on the bed on either side of Daryl.
We slipped the mask over his head and down, it was a little big forthe younger boy but seemed to be perfect for Big Bad Gay Boy and me. Big Bad Gay Boy tightenedthe strap around the neck so it was on securely and i got him to slip hislegs through the leg straps. There were many straps, but they all seemed tomeld and go to the right spot once you had the main bulk of it on such asthe legs or arms. Next he slipped his arms through each arm jumble and wetightened the straps at his shoulders and sides to make it snug. The thingwas made so that lying on either your front of back you didn't get a buckleor something sharp in you.
Big Bad Gay Boy then jumped off the bed and grabbed the rope; i laid Daryl onhis back a spread out his arms and legs. We then tied a rope to each of hisankles and wrists to one of the bed legs. We stood up to admire the littleboy, covered in leather, strapped down to the bed, little pecker flopped toone side. Big Bad Gay Boy and i looked at each other, thinking of what to do next. Weshrugged and both took off all our cloths and threw them in a pile.
We then laid down beside the boy on either side, or began feelinghim. The boy was ticklish and tried to squirm, but couldn't fight therestraints. Big Bad Gay Boy leaned over and licked at Daryl's nipple, making the boygiggle a bit. Big Bad Gay Boy moved up his chest licking and sucking slightly as hewent I had already started to move down the boy's body to his stomach.
"Have you ever kissed someone?" Big Bad Gay Boy asked Daryl as he reached hisleather covered face.
"Ya, my mommy and daddy"
"No, not that kinda kiss, not the kind that is just a peck on thecheek or something, i mean, have you KISSED someone, like on the lips for afew seconds"
"No, does it feel good?"
"Oh ya, it feels real good, wanna see?" the boy excitedly said okand puckered his lips dramatically through the mouth hole of the mask. "No,don't do that, just relax and ill do it" the boy said ok and relaxed hislips, waiting for Big Bad Gay Boy to give him a smooch. Big Bad Gay Boy leaned in a bit andgently pressed his lips on the boys. They kissed like this for a fewseconds before Big Bad Gay Boy slowly slipped his tongue into the boy's mouth.
They laid there deeply kissing for a bit while i worked my waydown the boy's stomach. I reached his crotch and saw the little kids pricklying there. I took it in my hand and he flinched a bit, but continuedkissing y best friend, obviously enjoying it. I stroked slowly on hismember, trying to fill it with blood. The combined efforts of my strokingand Big Bad Gay Boy's tongue in his mouth soon brought life to the prepubescent boy'sdick, and it began to rise as it filled with blood. It was soon 2 and ahalf inches long and curved slightly.
I continued stroking as i moved my face to his small balls andpopped one, then the other, then both into my mouth, gently sucking onthem. Big Bad Gay Boy had soon moved off the boy's mouth and began to lick and suck athis upper body. I slipped his cock into my mouth and began to suckle on itvigorously. Ii played with the boy's foreskin with my tongue, and suckedhard on the piss slit. I massaged his shaft with my lips and licked up anddown the whole piece of meat. I soon moved my body between his legs to getbetter access at his dick, and was soon sucking again.
I loved the hairlessness of his body, i could still remember when iwas like that but now i had just a bit of hair, and was slowly loosing myboyish physique. I moved off his pecker and licked and sucked at his innerthighs, the soft exposed skin was vary pale and smooth. I got an idea andflipped myself over on to my back. I lifted Daryl's pelvis into the air andslid my face under his white as. I let it sit back down on my face and itried to part the cheeks with my hands. I had soon begun rimming the cuteboy and he shivered a bit, no longer giggling. Big Bad Gay Boy had moved himself intoa 69 position with the boy and began sucking on his dick as i had. He soonlowered himself onto the boy's face and Daryl was forced to open wide andswallow the older boys cock.
I licked deeper into the youngster's ass and at the pink skinsurrounding it, while Big Bad Gay Boy fucked the boy's face and sucked him off at thesame time. I soon also wanted some relief of my own member and slipped out,replacing my head with my crotch and my tongue with my dick. I slid my dickinto his ass with a little bit of a push, the fresh saliva helped a bit buti could tell he was in a bit of pain. He moaned loudly around Big Bad Gay Boy's dickand his body tensed, but i knew that the pain would subside and he wouldlike it
I let his ass settle around my cock, i was now completely sheathedin a cover of his flesh, i lifted and dropped his hips over my own andpumped my cock into his ass. Slightly muffled grunts and groans ofpleasure came from the penis filled mouth of Daryl
He squirmed around against the restraints, moaning loudly. Ipounded harder into his ass and Big Bad Gay Boy sucked faster and fucked deeper intoDaryl's face. All three of us were soon shaking and spasming in a largecombined orgasm, me shooting 2 loads into Daryl's ass, Big Bad Gay Boy shooting 1 intohis mouth, which he quickly licked up and swallowed, and Daryl had his dry,but strong orgasm into Big Bad Gay Boy's mouth.
All three of us panting loudly, we tried to simply sit and regainour strength. Once we were able, Big Bad Gay Boy and I climbed away from Daryl, andsimply lay beside him, naked, and all three of us fell asleep, Daryl stillin his harness, with Big Bad Gay Boy and me spooning each side of his warm, soft body.


YOUNGGAYBOYS: 15 but looked about twelve

Back in high school, I was a golden-boy. Small. Just five-foot-four in10th grade, and I think about 118 lbs. Dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, lean,lithe and supple. I had a tight, defined, muscular build even beforepuberty. I was good-looking, strikingly good-looking, and yeah, theconsensus was that I was cute and all that. Okay, I was still a boy, alate-bloomer, just a few grateful months into enjoying a fledgling bush ofpubic hair. I was 15 but looked about twelve. Absolutely no facial hair.Picture a 12-year-old teen idol Or maybe a pre-teen idol. With a freshgrowth of pubic hair. Name of Mike.
I grew up in a regular middle-class suburban neighborhood. Genteel,staid, conservative. Baseball and barbecues. Lots of church. Everyone withtheir roles all steamed, pressed, and laid out to wear. I was a regular guy. Ihung out with all the other regular guys through the long hot summer: ridingbikes, hiking trips, long swims, baseball, basketball, skateboarding, B.B. gunbattles in the woods and treks through the dark, cool concrete drainagesewers under our housing development. I was a masculine dude a tough,bright-eyed, cute little guy grounded in my black scuffed converse sneakers,with the first blush of curly dark hairs sprouting around my ankles. My staid little suburban world was starting to show signs of anxioussingularity from way deep down. Have you read that story by Dr. Seuss? Theone about McGillicutty's pond? It's a story about a small pond nestled in thecountry, with an overhanging bank where you could lean back on an old tree-trunk and hold your fishing pole out over the still water and listen to thedragonflies buzzing .... and dream about the fantastic world under the shiningsurface. Your own private happy place. I wondered at the realization that myown pond was fed by a deep spring, a spring that bubbled up through ancientcaves. Caves that interconnected deep in the earth, caves that ran to the sea. I was not a TOTAL innocent. In my fantasies, I had fished this pondoff and on since grade school, so I knew it was deep. I had pulled out fishthat were never stocked for this pond, wild fantastic fish that came from thedeepest ocean trenches. Fish from alien seas, with long, sharp teeth and boldgeometric designs, strange fins and hairy tethers. Some even glowed likeneon in the dark. When I fished this pond, I did not dream of the commoncatfish or trout. The fish on my line were deeper, more spectacular. They hadan intensity that gripped my fertile teenage imagination. These fish had abarely perceptible aura, glowing purple. And they were all male.
Fish stories.... Heh.... I won't start with the earliest stories. Notyet. I don't even know when it all began, my interest in guys. I justremember watching them from an early age, feeling an animal attraction andyet always aware that it was taboo. I suspected this attraction was morethan just awkward. It was a matter of deep-down jungle taboo, a subject oftribal shame. And so I spent a lot of time hanging out with guys.... attractive guys .... quietly drinking in their animal presence.... with wide-open senses .... and craving them ... all in secret.
I would find myself in a certain type of situation. I would notice a cute,masculine guy with just the right qualities to inspire hero-worship, hang outwith him and discreetly watch him, feasting on his unassuming masculinecharm. Then I would swell with lust, working myself into a fever of sexualurges. Often enough, my heroes were either oblivious or indifferent to myself-imposed torture. It became a matter of my straight-boy self-imageholding the line against deep, hidden gay-boy secrets. The secrets thrived inthe dark, longed for recognition, prayed for ownership. It became a waitinggame. Kind of like fishing. I would linger, straightboy-like, grooving on myboy-hero, waiting for him to claim ownership of my dark gay secret. And thepassion would build.
Just as an example, I remember hanging out one day with my friend Young twinks. Young twinks was my bosom-buddy, dating back to the third grade. When therewas time to kill, he was my accomplice. Young twinks was built like me a littletaller, lean and toned, with blonde curly hair, cute, and cheeky. He had atalent for hatching adventures just on the edge of mischief. The BB gunfights had been his idea. Anyway, this time we were lying on our backs,side by side on the carpet, watching TV through our feet, heads proppedagainst the couch.
We lay there in baggy shorts, sweaty from an afternoon of summerfootball. I smelled his fresh sweat. I snuck lingering glances at his legsand the profusion of curly blonde hairs on his ankles. I strained myeyeballs looking to the side, my head never moving, to catch a glimpse ofhis smooth, flat, hard stomach and the fledgling treasure trail enteringthe dark gap at the waistband of his loose shorts. I scanned the crotch ofhis pants for the outline of his cock. My heart pounded as I absentlybrushed my leg against his, feeling the fuzz against my skin. I woulddiscreetly maneuver so I could admire his defined chest, his hands behindhis head, a tuft of dark blonde hair displayed in the cradle of hisarmpit. I would say something, turning my head towards him, and breathe indeep, slow lung-fulls of his scent.
He seemed unaware of my quiet, desperate craving. That made it all theworse, leaving me to twist and spin in the wind, hoping he would make somebold move to satisfy my longing. After all, he was cute, strong,attractive, and virile. Surely he could see the unspoken yearning in myeyes. Surely his quiet strength and quick wits would command thesituation. But nooooo. Instead, he let me stress out until the straight-boyshell cracked and crumbled. In my mind's eye, I could see myselfbelly-crawling to him. I imagined myself kissing his bare feet as he laidback and watched. The image gave me a full- blown boy-boner.
So I lay there beside my teen-buddy Young twinks with a hard-on pulsinguncontrollably in my shorts and my face rushing with blood. My heartpounded in my little chest through long moments as I tried to contain mybreathing. It did me no good my teenage pecker steeled against my logicand went even harder. There was no way he could miss my sexual flush, andif there was any doubt, a quick glance at my crotch would confirm my queer-boy excitement. Holy shit. I was at his mercy. And still, no response.Through it all, he let me hang by my fingertips on this cliff-edge, my hard-onaching for him, clearly outlined in my shorts, ready to accept any terms hewanted to offer.
The question being: did he notice? Probably so, but maybe not.Sometimes he could be totally oblivious.... And even if he did notice, he mayhave no gay interest whatsoever.... OR he may be interested but scared.... ORhe may be interested but thinking I'm just having a random teenage hormonesurge .... The situation left plenty of time for my strong, proud straight-boyego to wear under the strain. Damn I was stubborn. And scared. Scared ofbeing caught red-handed in forbidden territory.
This fish story doesn't end in one day, though. That day passed likemany days spent fishing for rare and exotic catch. There was teasing andbaiting, but no bight. There was passion for the sport, the sights and soundsand smells burned on my mind for future reference. And there was much timespent in hopeful waiting; fantasizing how that fish story would go when itfinally happened.. When I was 15, and looking 12, I had a healthy ego and agrowing sex drive. I was in awe of my more developed classmates. I was inpuberty while they were in adolescence.
I really don't want to keep referring to my crush-object as fish.Referring to them simply as 'guys' seems too generic. 'Stud' is overusedand overburdened. "Friend" is inadequate, "boyfriend/lover" is toovanilla. I like the term 'dude' in conversation, as in "Dude, I see you'regettin' a little hard-on," but it falls short for describing a heroiccrush-interest. "Bud" and "buddy" are too fraternal. "Crush" itself seemstoo puppy-boy, but starts to come close. The English have their own terms,like "mate" or "bloke," neither of which captures the sexual undercurrentneeded here."Avitar" is too spiritual, too obtuse. "Ubermenschen" is tooNietzschean.
I am trying to get at a word here that conveys sexual attraction as Iknow it. Something that gives an image of strength and sultriness, of boyishvitality and virile sexual presence, of toughness and tenderness, of hero-worship, cuteness, animal grace and calm self-assurance all rolled into one.
"Fine young cannibal" has real possibility, calling up many of theseattractive qualities in a very primal way. "Hero" comes close, but doesn'treally convey the shadow qualities required. Just remember, though, we aretalking about the kind of guy that makes the synapses in my brain sizzle.
Wait! I think the word I may be looking for is "daemon," in its originalsense. Someone poised between light and shadow, a figure of strength andgodlike beauty, glowing with an inner light. Someone with a purple aura.
There was one daemon that occupied my thoughts for endless hours.Young boy. I had known Young boy since grade school a skinny little half-Irish,half-Japanese kid who was in all my grade school classes, just another oneof the bright, athletically-inclined kids from a nearby neighborhood. Wehad the common fate of being the shortest boys in our grade, always in thefirst row of class pictures. By ninth grade, however, Young boy had shot wellahead into puberty, leaving me in his dust. He was still short, stillsmooth-faced, but he had developed the muscles and deep voice of a tenuredteenager.
He was kind of preppy. In school, he always wore pressed khaki pantsand pressed powder blue oxford shirts that seemed a size too large. Heneeded the larger shirt to accommodate his muscled neck and shoulders. Hewasn't body-builder muscled. He was lean and super-toned. He wasprobably five-foot-five in 10th grade, 118 pounds, with a 28 or 27 waist. Hewas cute, had an infectious smile and clear, dark brown eyes. His hair wasJapanese jet-black and regulation haircut-length. His skin was naturallybronzed. Damn he was cute. He was like an anime cartoon hero, in the flesh.
Seeing him in a bathing suit the summer before 10th grade was almostunbearable. It was a night-time swim-party, in the dog days of summer. I wasnot a member of his circle, which tended more to a jock-and-prep crowd, butI just had to check him out. I tried to mingle, tried to be discreet, tried toblend in with the little group, but my eyes fairly popped out of my headlooking at him. His movements were smooth and sinuous. He had thepenetrating gaze of a predator. He had the assured animal grace and relaxedstrength of a tiger.
Against my better judgement, my eyes caressed his flesh, fasteningimmediately on his chest. Dime-sized nipples, a little stiff in the night air,poised on a chiseled chest. A six-pack stomach, with a treasure-trail goingdown from his perfect belly-button. White board-shorts sagged low on hiships. The contour of his hip was hypnotic, a brownish bronze with reflectedhighlights, seductive shadows, and surprising undertones of blue and purple He had killer hairy legs. Killer. Hairy. Legs. There was a filigree of thick,black, curly hairs that caught the light and shone like a testosterone aura onhis legs. It was just amazing.
He was barefoot. He nudged a small stone around on the cement withhis big toe, casually following the conversation . I watched, savoring thesupple agility of his movements, the subtle tensing of muscles in his footand calf. I was entranced. He pushed the stone toward me, and held it thereunder his big toe. Finally, he grabbed the stone in his curled toes. Myglassy-eyed stare broke free. I looked up at his face. I was mute. He wasalready looking at me, his head cocked a little to the side, the hint of asmile on his lips. This silent interchange went unnoticed by hisfriends. He ended it with a deep breath, looking away from me. Then he took one step back into shadow and gestured with both hands,hip-hop-gangsta-style, fingers splayed, making the love-horn sign in front ofhis crotch for about half a second. He looked straight at me. He could see myinfatuation, and the uneasiness at being caught. He had my secret held fast inhis teeth. I looked away suddenly, my face burning, my heart pounding. Thiswas not the place to exercise my dragons. But I knew I had just been visitedby a daemon.
I spent the rest of that evening goofing off with friends, swimming,socializing, even flirting with some of the girls. Remember, I was fairly hotmyself, and nominally "straight." But I also spent the rest of the night withone eye on Young boy, always aware of where he was.... Hmm. Always aware ofwhat he was doing.... Hmm.. He spent a lot of time hanging with a couple ofhot girls. As the party broke up, I tried getting close enough to say somethingintelligent. I managed to force a "hey, see you later" from my frozen mind.My emotions tripped over each other in embarrassment. I think I blushed. "Later, Mikey," Young boy replied casually, his voice a deep whisper.
That night I lay between crisp, clean sheets with my hands behind myhead, replaying images of Young boy. He was so fucking lean, hard, and tight.When he had gotten out of the pool at the party, he looked sleek as an otter,totally fluid, beads of water studding his chest like diamonds. I threw aboner. I shucked my underwear and lay there in an exhilaration of nakedness. I teased my straining hard-on with deliberate slowness, calling up images ofHim. I wanted to touch him, taste him, breathe him, and hold him. I wantedto lick him all over and massage his honed muscles one by one, from his headdown to his toes. I wanted to feel the smoothness of his chest and theroughness of his hairy legs.
The hairy legs really got me. Being a late-bloomer, I was proud of theearly showing of man-hair on my own legs, but that was nothing compared tohim. He had a dense, curly forest of leg hair, right down to his hairyankles. It was like a whole new dimension of sexuality, a badge of hormonalaccomplishment, an adolescent certificate of merit. Even his toes sprouteda few lively hairs. It contrasted with his totally smooth chest. Half boy,half man, like a young satyr. It put him in a league beyond my paltrypubescent showing, my embarrassing boyishness. The mental comparison mademy dick go rigid. Five and a half inches of boy-boner arched up over mybelly, over my meager patch of pubes. I pushed my little steel roddownward, towards my feet, right on the edge of aching hardness. I hadmasturbated before, had made serious attempts at cumming, but myexperiments up til now had been bone-dry. So I teased myself mercilesslyunder the sheets with no specific end in mind.
I imagined myself licking him all over, tasting him completely, everyinch. Licking his face, my tongue lapping at his cheeks, his chin, hisears. I dared to imagine my lips on his lips, sharing the same breath, thesame heat. I began licking his neck, then his shoulders, my tonguefollowing the curve of his collarbone. I slathered his chest with mysaliva, and felt his hard little nipples under my tongue. I continued overthe complex ridging of muscles and ribs down the side of his torso. I wasgiving him a tongue-bath, and that meant licking everything, it meantlicking his armpits. This was new territory, but I was stoked and hungryfor his flavor. I sucked the precious sweat out of his tufted armpit. Isavored his rippled abs, down the ridge of his hip-bone, and into thevalley beside it. I felt his treasure-trail tickle my lips and licked thecoarse hairs with long, broad strokes, right down to the sagging waist ofhis board-shorts. I continued down his legs, his famous furry legs, kissingand sucking his fuzz all the way down to his feet.
I imagined him watching me as I licked his feet. I imagined the sweet,salty, slightly acrid taste of his foot-sweat. It seemed totally right that Ishould be on my knees at his feet, awash in his scent, and paying homagewhile he watched. I was a half-pint punk boy and he was bonafide. I suckedeach toe with devotion and cleaned between them as I looked up over hischiseled torso into his eyes, a cocky grin on his face. He knew my gay-boysecret.
I saved the best for last. In my fantasy, though, it was him giving theorders. He grabbed his hard cock through his shorts with a significant look.He was a daemon of few words. He leaned back in his chair and pointed rightat the ridge in his pants. My mouth went to it. I worshiped it hungrily,squeezing it with my lips, biting gingerly, anxious with the humiliation ofgiving another guy a blow-job. Since I had never seen his actual package, Isimply imagined some of the finer packages I had seen in gym class. Ipictured a 6-1/2 inch cock, bigger than mine, of course, nestled in a healthybush of frizz-curled pubes. He had low-hanging balls, like mine, only bigger.His skin was moist with sweat and Young boy-hormones. I licked his crotch withthe same attention I had just lavished on his feet. My tongue on his hardcock, my tongue on the silky skin of his balls. My lips in direct contact withhis sex. I was deep in taboo territory. He had commanded my demon, and Iwas his. I sucked and slurped his fine hard cock while I tortured my own. Itwas wicked-hard, with no relief in sight. Finally, I rolled onto my stomach, my relentless boner forced downward like a third leg. As it finally softenedto something manageable, I imagined sleeping with him, my head in his lap,my lips on his precious cock all night long. I drifted off to sleep with theheavy smell of boy-sweat and sex in my bed. My erection waxed and wanedall night.
This fantasy replayed in my mind every night for weeks. The rest ofthe summer was lifted out of the ordinary. Each new day was fresh withpossibilities. I was more aware of the sexual jungle around me. There hadbeen an attraction to hot guys before, but now a slumbering dragon hadawakened and was taking notice. He was still hiding, but he was peeking outof his cave. I started getting boners at little or no provocation. Waitingon the street corner for the light to change got me hard. The feel of thewind on my skin got me hard.
My old pal Young twinks was on the receiving end of some of my new-foundsexual energy. One afternoon, we were hanging out with his older brother,David. I was noticing Young boy's hairy legs for the umpteenth time he waswearing sneakers and no socks, and his bare ankles and the haze of dark hairthere was hard to ignore. So I untied his shoelace. He looked at medisapprovingly and then slowly retied it. So I reached over and untied hisother shoelace. Again, a look of disfavor and a slow, deliberate re-tying. Thiswas a game we had played before. I waited a few minutes and pulled on hisshoelace again. This time he looked at me long and hard, then as he tied hislaces he said, "Next time there will be consequences."
The challenge had been laid down. "Consequences, schmonsequences,"I said. He smiled.
After a respectful wait, I reached over slowly toward his shoe. Hewatched my hand moving, watched me grab the lace and slowly pull it. Done.Now let's see the consequences.
Suddenly, Young twinks shouted "Indian torture," and jumped on me. Indiantorture was another tradition in our circle, usually practiced on his littlebrother. I could have taken Young twinks on his own, or at least held him off, butDavid joined in the fray, and I was soon on my back. David, kneeling at myhead, pinned my hands to the ground above my head. Young twinks sat on mystomach and lifted my t-shirt up to my shoulders. "Consequences,schmonsequences, eh?" he inquired. I squirmed for escape but I was double-teamed. And anyway, I got a thrill out of showing off my hard little chest.
Young twinks started tapping on my breastbone with his middle finger, overand over again. This was a slow process, kind of like Chinese water torture,but the constant tapping adds up, and the breastbone starts getting prettytender after a few minutes. As I continued to squirm under his weight, Coopstarted chastising me for my transgression, saying "I'll teach you to messwith my shoes," and "You're gonna learn your place today, boy," and "Knowyour role." In the meantime I was squirming side-to-side and up and down toget free, so Young twinks had moved backwards, over my hips. Pretty soon I wasgettin' a hard-on. Again.
As I squirmed under him, I started noticing Young twinks's daemon qualities partly to distract myself from the achy spot on my chest, but partly out ofgenuine interest. His arms were pumped up from the struggle, and his wholebody was braced for balance. He had a look of concentration on his face, atough-boy look, his mouth half-open in a sort of determined, cocky grin. Themore I bucked, the more he started laying out over top of me. Finally, to stillmy thrashing legs, he kicked them wide with his own. For his part, Davidkept my arms stretched up and gripped my head firmly between his knees.
It was beginning to look like I wasn't gonna throw these guys off, so Istarted shouting, "Stop, stop, stop." Tap tap tap tap tap, came the answer. "PLEASE stop." "Have you learned your lesson?" Tap tap tap. "Yes, yes, yes, I learned my lesson, now STOP." I was getting verysore. Young twinks stopped tapping and settled his weight back on my pelvis,wearing a cocky grin. "Okay, then apologize," he said, his middle finger poised over mychest, ready to tap. "I'm sorry for untying your shoes," I said. Damn, he looked hot sittingthere grinning. My cock flexed under his weight. I am sure he felt it. Andthere was nothing I could do about it. It was a mindless, free-ranging hard-on. "And you promise to never do it again," he added. He ground his button my pelvis for emphasis. "I promise I'll never do it again, " I said. "Now apologize to my shoes," he said. Still sitting on me, he broughtboth feet up and put them on my bare chest. "I am sorry, shoes," I said, "I'll never do it again." This was starting toget humiliating. I was starting to blush. And my groin surged. I was enjoyingthis, except for the tender spot on my chest. I had a half-formed thought inmy head that I wanted to be told to kiss his sneakers, and then his feet. Butthat didn't happen. Young boy had his satisfaction, and he let me go. I had an urgeto untie his other shoe again, but my sternum was aching. I lay there for a fewminutes, recovering, with my boner ridging in my pants. He looked at me ashe tied his shoe. I watched the muscles in his forearm, the fine movement ofhis fingers, and his sexy legs. I half-hoped, half-feared that he could see mystiff pecker. David had been the quiet assistant through all of this, a simpleminister of justice. It might have gone farther if he hadn't been there.
It was about this time that my mind flashed back on something thathappened several months earlier. It was me and Coop on one of our hikes inthe woods. We had just eaten a trail lunch and were sitting around whenYoung twinks suggested we jerk off. I was all for it, but didn't want to seemoveranxious. Coop was already shucking his shorts when I said, "okay."Young twinks dropped his underwear and sat on a log, starting to play with himself.I sat on a log across from him and imitated him. After all, he had an olderbrother who knew about these things.
Young twinks already had a bush of pubic hair and a healthy slab of teen-meat. My own wiener had grown to a presentable size by then, but was stillcompletely hairless. I was fascinated by his escutcheon of manhood and atthe same time I was a little embarrassed by my own bald horniness.
I particularly remembered Young twinks stroking himself to hardness, totallyunashamed, a look of lost concentration on his face, and the stark radiance ofhis boner in the forest shadows. I imitated his one-handed stroke, alreadyhard from the sight of him naked, and from the thrill of exposing myself. Thefact that I had no pubes made me feel even more naked, my knees spreadwide and my hips pushed out to the sky.
I watched in fascination as Young twinks became a man possessed, tensingand moaning, breathing hard, then shooting wads of white Young twinks-creamonto the ground. As he sat there recovering, I kept stroking my boy-boner.And I kept looking at him, turned-on, awe-struck. My hairless ballscontracted and my teen-boy muscles tensed again and again, but no cum. Iwas turned-on big time, on the edge of a dry orgasm, like a Fourth-of-Julysparkler blazing at the tip of my cock. I was totally rigid for hard-boyYoung twinks. I sat there all hard and frustrated as he slowly pulled on his pants,glancing at me impatiently. Finally, I pulled my own jeans over my still-hardboy-cock while he watched. I was frustrated for 3 reasons: 1) I hadn't beenable to cum like a real stud could, 2) Young twinks now knew I was still a boy,hormonally, and 3) I wanted to touch his hard-on and check it out up-closeand personal, but just couldn't bring myself to do it.
About 5 minutes down the trail, I was negotiating a prickly branchwith both hands. While I was in this vulnerable state, Young twinks yanked mypants down to my ankles. My cock sprang up hard. "Still got a boner, ehMikey-boy?" he teased. I gave him a mad-dog look, which just made himlaugh. He flicked my hard-on with his middle finger. It stayed hard for aboutan hour.
September and the start of school was not far off, but there was stilltime for a few surprises before the end of summer. The first surprise was adream I had the same night that Coop and David wrestled me down and gaveme the Indian torture. That night I fell asleep fantasizing about Young boy, asusual. My breast-bone was still sore from the pounding it got that day.Anyway, in the dream I was leaving my house at twilight, the sky a deepindigo, and the dying light reflecting pink and gold and purple in the clouds.As I was walking, I noticed a group of guys hanging around on the street.They were in purple shadow, looking dark and brooding, a gang of street-boys. Wild boys. Hard-boys. I was hoping to walk past them, lookingindifferent, but as I got nearer I had that dream-feeling that I was beingstalked.
In seconds they were all around me -- silent, strong and tough. Theygrabbed my arms and legs and held me down. I struggled to get free but theyheld me firmly. I had no leverage. They held my legs apart. It was all quietexcept for the sound of our breathing. Then I felt one of the guys starttapping on my cock, through my pants. He just tapped on it over and overagain. Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. Just like Young twinks had tapped on my chestthat afternoon. It went on and on. I got hard. I squirmed and writhed in theirgrip. No matter how I moved, that tapping followed my crotch, stayedconstant on my hard dick.
I tried to push my cock to his hand, tried to get some sustained contact,something to hump against. But it was useless. The more he tapped the moreI bucked. This went on for ages. My cock turned to steel, became the centerof my universe, aching for sustained contact. Suddenly the face of the street-boy became clear. It was Young twinks, grinning and tapping constant on my hard-on. Then an explosion of light went off in my head a slow-motionexplosion of a million colors. I woke up, humping the air, spurting into mysheets. My first wet dream.
Back then I kept a dream journal. It had been going on for over a year.It was just an old spiral notebook with a blue cover, marked with doodles.When I had this dream, my landmark wet-dream, I had to come to a decisionabout putting it in the journal. The journal was private. Noone knew about itexcept Young twinks he only knew of it because I had let him look at it a coupleof times once when I had a weird dream, I let him read it, and then oncewhen I was explaining the idea of 'lucid dreaming.' In the end, I decided ithad to be in there. It was just too major to leave out. Suddenly, my dreamjournal got a lot more interesting.
School started soon after that. Tenth grade. It put a bit of a damper onmy libido. I was a horny, cute little guy but I was also something of a brain.Advanced classes and a heavy workload cut into my daydreaming. In someways it was a welcome relief I didn't have to think so much about thepossibility of being gay, or have the time to torture myself with impossiblefantasies. The nerds in my classes were not all that hot, which made it easierto concentrate. Still, now and then I would bump into Young boy between classes.He was usually with someone. I would maneuver in the crowded hallways soI could hang back and watch him, or even brush against him. And still, atbedtime, I would fantasize hanging out with him, remembering him from thesummer pool-party, and feasting on his awesome body.
As it turned out, the daemon Young boy was in my gym class, his locker nextto mine. Yikes! Cartwheels and back-flips! Showers were mandatory. But thefirst few gym classes were a disappointment. Alas, Young boy would cut out andgo to the team locker room to shower. At least I got to check him out duringgym class. He was a total jock. He was too small for football, but he was across-country runner and an awesome wrestler varsity in 9th grade, and awrestling conference champion.
It was late September, after a gym class of dodge ball, shirts vs. skins. Ihad to stow the gear after class, getting back to the nearly-empty locker roomand hurrying to make it to my next class. It also happened to be the day thatYoung boy made a surprise visit ... and showered with the masses. I wasn'texpecting it.
I was shirtless, untying my shoes, trying to loosen a knot, crouchedbetween my locker and the bench. Suddenly, I saw bare feet and waterdripping. I saw killer hairy legs. I looked up. It was Young boy drying off, his blackhair all wet and disheveled. A thick patch of black hair in his armpit. Beadsof water glistening on his skin. I looked sideways at his muscled, hairy legsand perfect feet as I fumbled with my shoe. He put one foot up on the bench.I looked up .... and saw ..... his cock. Awesome. It was big 4 « inchessemi-soft kinda thick, about the diameter of a plump hot dog. Even hisballs looked muscled. They hung down, heavy in their sack He had a broad,thick bush of tight-curled pubes. I was transfixed, crouching on one kneebefore him. His glorious cock was about 1 « feet in front of my face. Withdry, parted lips, I stared. The seconds stretched on forever. I glanced up athis face. Busted. He was looking right at me. Again.
He continued drying off. I had a problem. I had to take off my gymshorts. In front of him. My mindless pecker was on the rise. And I was on aschedule class change in about 3 minutes. I pulled off my gym shorts andjock-strap, turning away towards my locker. This was when Young boy decided toget sociable. "Hey Mike, are you going to the football game this weekend?"
My pecker was up, past semi. "Yeah, I guess so, I don't know."
He moved next to me, watching as I fumbled in my locker for a towel.My dick went totally hard in 3 heartbeats. He looked at it, raising hiseyebrows. My ears were glowing. "Looks like you got a problem," he said,pulling on his underwear, looking serious. I held the little white gym towel infront of my embarrassing boner. My heart was pounding in my ears.
"Yeah," I whispered through dry lips.
"You only have about 2 minutes to shower and get to class," he said,breaking into a smile. Pause. Then he slowly reached out and grabbed myhand .... and slowly pulled it away from my crotch .... uncovering my bone-hardness. I didn't resist. I stood there naked, at full-mast, looking down at hisfeet, feeling his eyes on me. My cock was totally hard, pointing straight up,and I just stood there. For about ten long seconds. I dropped my hands to mysides. My hard cock pulsed with my heartbeat. My whole mouth was dry. Hereached for my boner, just one finger on the very tip, pulled it forward, andreleased it. It bounced in the air. "You better hurry, Mikey" he said.
"Yeah," I croaked. I turned and bolted for the shower, my stiff wienerbouncing in the air. The showers were thankfully empty. I stayed just longenough to get wet. When I got back to the locker he was gone. I dressed likea maniac, commando-style. I ran off to class, half-wet and totally red-faced,my turgid cock chafing in my jeans.
The rest of that day was a blur, the locker-room scene playing over andover in my head. I couldn't think. When I got home that afternoon I sat at mydesk with my homework out in front of me, but all I could think of wasYoung boy's amazing body, and the feeling of utter humiliation at being so totallyexposed to him, for him, and by him. Boner city.
I locked the door to my bedroom and took off my pants. I sat at thedesk and stroked and teased my already stone-hard cock. All-in-all, a verypretty cock, a fitting cock for a pretty boy. About 5-3/4 inches hard, cut andup-curving, with a tapered head. Now, it arched up hard over my belly,pointing straight at my belly-button. Low-hanging balls. Smooth, hairlessballs. And, of course, my fledgling bush of lively dark pubic hairs. I looked atit, thinking "this is how Young boy saw me today." I stood before the full-lengthmirror on my door, looking at myself, boy-pecker pointing to the ceiling,feeling his gaze again. I was aching-hard I pushed my rigid rod downwardtil it hurt, and held it there, right on the edge of pain.
I sat down at the desk again, and started writing. A letter to Young boy. Aprivate letter, never to be delivered. A letter confessing how "straight-boy"Mikey has the hots for hard-boy Young boy:
Dear Young boy, You are my personal sex-god. You are so hot I can't believe it. I am so grateful that you are in this world. I am so grateful that you saw me with a total hard-on for you. I am so grateful that you touched me. I need to be your sex-slave. I will do anything for you. Whatever you ask .... Anytime .... Anyplace. You are so perfect, so tough, so cute, so powerful, so cool, so fucking hot. Just ... being near you .... drives me crazy-horny. I worship your body. I crave your killer hairy legs. I need to be your naked slave, kneeling at your feet. Make me massage you. Make me kiss your hard muscles. Make me give you tongue-baths. Make me lick your sweat. Make me lick your armpits.... and your feet.... and your killer hairy legs.... and your awesome hard chest .... Make me lick your delicious balls. Make me kneel naked at your feet. Make me suck your wonder-dick, whenever you say. Make me show you how I get a hard-on just thinking about you. Make me cum for you.
Your slave boy, Mike
I knelt on the floor in front of the mirror, the letter beside me, imaginingmyself kneeling at Young boy's feet while he looked down at me. I imagined himordering me to beat off for him, to show him how queer I am for his hardness.Telling me to wank my boy-boner for him like a good slave.
I sat back on my heels and stroked away. My meager manhood at hiscommand. I shot my wad high into the air, bucking and gasping. Cum ropesshot onto my face, onto my chest, onto the floor, and onto the letter. I waswiped out. Finally, I pulled myself together. I cleaned off the letter and tuckedit in my notebook the dream journal. I threw it in my desk. Now I couldfinally get down to work.
The following weeks were strange. I thought about Young boy constantly,and fantasized about him every night while I fell asleep. At first, I panickedabout seeing him in the hallways at school or in gym class. I wanted to seehim, but at the same time I was scared he would 'out' me for being gay, oreven worse, avoid me for being queer. I continued to watch him whenever hewas around. He just treated me like a casual acquaintance, nodding or saying'hi' when we ran into each other. The strange part was .... when nobody waslooking .... he would intentionally grab his crotch, or casually point to it ....looking away from me absently, with the hint of a smile. Since he kept hisantics 'under the table,' I started to relax a little.
The other strange thing was .... he didn't avoid me, and other than hislewd gestures, he didn't approach me, either. He seemed to be teasing me. Icouldn't figure it out. If he had enough interest, and enough balls, to touchmy boner in the locker-room ... I hoped he would be more interested ingetting to know me. After a while, I started thinking he was just a straightdude trying to deal with an awkward "gay" moment in the showers withoutseeming like he was freaking over it. After all, he was probably straightanyway. After our encounter in the locker-room, he went back to using theteam showers for gym class. Damn.
In the meantime, my home-dawg Young twinks and I continued to hang outtogether. Young twinks didn't quite inspire my libido quite like Young boy did. He wasdecent-looking, but not like Young boy. Still, he had a definite sexual presence thatI couldn't ignore. He was a real horn-dog sometimes. He would talk aboutgirls at school, who was hot and who put out. He told me about one girl that Ithought was kinda ugly, how they went out and how he managed to get ablow-job from her. Despite our jack-off session in the woods so manymonths ago, I figured he wasn't interested in any real guy-on-guy action.That didn't help much when we were hanging out, though. I would still gethorny looking at him, wishing he would notice my interest .... and DOsomething about it. After all, he was the instigator for MOST of our capers.
By late October, I had decided that I was going to get on the wrestlingteam that year. I was fairly athletic, tired of the same old school routine, andwanted to do something to get me closer to Young boy. When I told Young twinks I wasgoing to wrestle, he was game, so he joined too. It was a real commitment.
Within a week after the start of practice, my whole body was sore. Itwas 3 hours of hard work after school every day, in a crowded practiceroom, hot and humid from everyone working out til their arms were ready todrop off. And I got to watch Young boy. I worked hard to impress him. Not an easytask. When he was in practice, he was all business, a serious wrestler. He wasquick, he was strong, he was skilled, and he was untiring.
The shower-room after practice opened whole new vistas ofappreciation for me. Way better than the standard gym class. Especially theguys under 150#. Sweet. There were some lean, hard bodies and cute faces inthat crowd. But I was a newcomer, my locker far from the clutch of veteranwrestlers, so I didn't see much of Young boy after practice. He usually went offwith the varsity guys. It made it a little easier for me, not seeing him, in oneway I didn't have to worry so much about springing a boner in front of allthose jocks. After practice, Coop and I would hit the cool night air, drainedand relaxed, and head for home.
Just when things seemed to be getting routine again, just when I wasstarting to feel like another regular guy who just happened to think aboutother guys now and then, something interesting happened. There was this guywho sat behind me in homeroom a kinda scruffy, kinda good-looking,kinda tall and skinny motorhead.
One day he was bored and started trying to bother me while I wastrying to burn through some homework. He started putting his foot on theback of my chair and nudging me in the back. I slid forward and tried to keepworking. Then he put his feet beside my chair ... and started swinging themaround like he was bored, occasionally hitting me in the leg. I tried to ignorehim, and after a while this tactic got boring and he settled down.
Then he tapped his desk with a pencil for a while. After a few minutesof this, he started leaning forward, whispering loudly, "What you doing,Mike?" And "Hey, Mike, are you doing some of that new math?" I ignoredhim some more. Finally, he started flicking my ear with his finger. He startedwhispering "What you doin', Mikey, some o' that cock-u-less? Or is that fag-o-nometry your doin'?"
I started getting really irritated, clenching my jaw and breathing heavy.I tried to brush his hand away from the side of my head when I felt it there,but I think this just made the game soooo much more interesting for him. Myears were turning red.
Finally I whipped around and blurted out "Just leave me the fuckalone," all mad-serious. Motorhead jumped back in his seat in mock surpriseand grinned.
I turned back in my seat, and he started whispering to noone inparticular, "Don't bother Mike, he's doing some serious new math," and"Don't mess with Mike, he's tough." I managed to ignore him til the classbell rang, but I was humiliated. By some dumb-ass motorhead. By a hardboygrease-monkey.
The incident got even more interesting later that night, in my sleep. Idreamt I was in homeroom class again doing my homework, just like ithappened that day. And motorhead was there, too, nudging me and teasingme. In the dream, he was kinda grease-smudged, but when I turned around tolook at him, it felt way more sexual. His eyes were especially clear andbright, with long dark eyelashes. His lips were full and expressive. His voicewas a deep, clear half-whisper.
When he nudged me in the back with his foot, I could smell theripeness of his old tennis shoes. And the nudges were different. He nudgedme .... but then left his foot there .... touching my lower back. Then he movedhis foot forward on my seat, beside me, until it was right up against my thigh.I pressed my leg into his tennis shoe. He started teasing my neck and earswith his pencil, so light that it felt like a fly was walking on my skin. I gotgoose-bumps. I pressed my leg harder against his foot. I started getting hard.
Motorhead started his verbal teasing then, whispering "Mikey's gettin'turned on, Mikey's got a hard-on for my sneakers, Mikey wants to be mytough little fag-boy, Mikey is gonna be my homeroom cock-slave, Mikeywants to taste my wiener. Mikey's a queer-boy." All through this I got moreand more turned on.
Motorhead scooted close enough behind me to get his leg around meand plant his foot square in my lap, right on my hard-on. I didn't try to stophim. I just let it happen. Then, talking low and close to my ear he said,"Come on Mikey, take off your pants. Show me how you got a hard-on forme. Take 'em off." And for emphasis, he ground his foot on my hard cockone last time before dropping it to the ground. I missed his foot on my lap assoon as it was gone. He gave me a long moment to let the situation sink in.
"Stand up," he said. Something in my mind snapped. Somewhere inthe back of my mind I knew this fierce hardboy was going to exercise hissexual charm and exploit me. I could not refuse it. I stood up.
"Drop your pants," he said. I turned to face him. He was leaning backin his chair smirking, his legs stretched wide in front of him. I unbuckled mybelt, unzipped my fly, dropped my pants to the floor. He chuckled, delightedwith himself.
"Your underwear," he said quietly, looking at me steadily, like it was adare. I pulled them down to my ankles. I stood there between hisoutstretched legs with my boner bouncing in the air for him. He shifted in hisseat and laughed. "Nice boy-boner you got there Mikey." he grinned,pointing. I blushed. In the dream, I could feel everyone looking at me,looking at my boy-wiener, but my eyes stayed fixed on him.
"Okay, boner-boy .... kick off your shoes," he said. I stood there withmy hard-on arching up from under my t-shirt. "And your shirt," he said, stillgrinning. I was totally naked, totally hard.
"On your knees, faggot." I dropped to my knees, feeling like a faggot.He laughed. He kicked my knees wide apart with his sneakered feet. He worejeans, no socks. I remember .... the leg-hair on his ankles .... looking so hot.He brought the toe of his sneakers under my balls and nudged them, makingmy hard-on bounce in the air.
Then he said "Turn around, wiener-head. On your hands and knees."It was automatic. I turned and presented my bare behind to him. My dick wascrazy-hard along my stomach. My smooth, loose balls hung down betweenmy legs. He prodded those danglers around with his shoe.
Then he traced the inside of my thighs with the toe of his shoe. I startedoozing goo. "You got a hard-on for my feet, don'cha punkboy?" he teased."You queer for my dick, Mikey?"
The toe of his shoe traced the crack of my ass. I pushed into it. Oooohfuck! Yeah, man, I am queer for your cock. I am a fag for your feet. You ownmy ass. His tennis shoe slipped down over my hole, between my legs, alongthe underside of my leaking cock. Shudder. I started humping his funkysneaker, back and forth, the laces rasping over my hole, my balls, and myboy-boner. Oooh, oooh, fuck! I shot hard .... all over his shoe .... like aconfirmed punk-bitch .... I .... cum .... for .... you.
It was another wet-dream for the journal. It was another first butt sex.It really surprised me. I was kinda freaked that my hole had something to dowith sex. And I was kinda freaked that deep down inside I was so willingto be punked. And that I liked it. That I actually got OFF on it. I was pullingsome curious fish out of my deep, dark little pond. Curiouser and curiouser.
I put it all down in my journal, sitting at my desk, naked and squirmingon my chair, teasing my bonerized wiener, feeling totally naked. I imagined itwas motorhead making me write it all down, and lavished it with detail formaximum effect. Even as I was writing it all down, I was still freaked by the'whole' concept of having my ass literally dominated. Like, where the fuckdid that come from? And it made my dick HARD.
Meanwhile, back in the real world, the wrestling program wasprogressing from strength and endurance work to basic skills. All of usneophytes worked together, and now and then I was paired up with good young twinks. I thought about how erotic this kind of contact could be, but usuallythe workouts were so intense and focused that there wasn't much room forfantasizing, let alone bonerizing. After a few weeks of basic skills, we spentone practice reviewing videotapes of previous seasons' matches so we couldstart learning how to put it all together. Almost accidentally, I ended upsitting next to Young boy on the wrestling mats while the team gathered around thevideo screen. I was thrilled on the inside while attempting to stay cool on theoutside. Everyone was wearing the basic wrestling singlette and gym shorts.The lights were dimmed and coach gave commentary for the on-screen actionwhile everyone settled in.
Yikes! I was sitting next to Young boy, in his personal space. I was nervousas a banshee. He knew I had gotten a hard-on over seeing him in the locker-room, had reminded me of it every day since then with his crotch-pointingantics. And now he was sitting next to me, apparently unaffected, quiet,focused on the video and commentary.
He sat leaning back on his hands with his legs stretched out in front ofhim, occasionally rolling his head to the side, a habitual neck-stretchmovement he had. I didn't see much of that video. Instead, I kept lookin' athis hot, killer hairy legs. I put my legs out in front of me, just like his. My leftleg and his right leg were right next to each other. He edged his leg over tomine. They were 1/4 inch apart. I could feel the bristly fuzz of his kinky leghair brushing on my skin. He held it there, moving it imperceptibly. It wasdriving me fucking nuts! My dick got hard, pressed at an angle across mystomach under the wrestling singlette. It was pointing towards him.
Then he decided to make himself more comfortable. He took his shoesand socks off. The aroma of Young boy-sweat wafted up from his feet, subtle,complex, sweet, only a little acrid, only a little funky. He laid back, fingersintertwined behind his head to hold it up, while he watched the video. Iturned and looked at him. OOOOOOOH MAN! WAS HE FINE! Then ....Then he winked at me. He fucking winked at me. YIKES! Blood pounded inmy temples. My dick flexed involuntarily.
Before I could think, I lay back beside him, in the same pose.
My first thought was, holy cow! What was I thinking? Here I amlaying back with a rigid boner for him again, which is now edging up underthe skin-tight layer of my singlette, and poking up past the waistband of mygym shorts. A bulge for him to see. A bulge for anyone to see. Out of control.He moved his leg next to mine again, without comment. My situation washopeless.
The tickle of his leg hair on my skin went up my leg to my crotch likean electric current. I could feel the heat from his body. My boner waxedglorious for him. Now and then he moved his leg a mere millimeter or two,lest I should forget where, exactly, I was.
I cast side-long glances at him. Once, I saw him looking toward mycrotch. I flexed my dick then. So he could see it. At the same time, I wasopenly wondering to myself .... 'What the hell are you DOING?' My dickwas doing all the thinking. I also noticed .... I thought .... that Young boy's bulgeseemed a bit generous, but it was hard to tell, angled sideways against his leg.... under his baggy gym shorts. I thought it was pointing towards me.
We stayed like that for about 30 minutes, til the end of the video, hisleg against mine, holding our heads up or leaning back on our elbows, mewith an obviously visible hard-on, him with probably some wood. I wished,god I wished .... it was wood.
The lights went up. He sat up, Indian style, staring blankly at thescreen. I sat up, too, looking around for the first time in half an hour. I snuckglances at him. He probably noticed them, in his peripheral vision. After afew minutes, he stood up. I did too, my dick now only half-hard. Young boy turnedto face me. He reached out and pointed at my singlette, right above thewaistband on my stomach. I looked down to see a quarter-sized wet spot. Ilooked at his face. He was grinning. I started flushing. He turned away tostart working out. I noticed he shot a look at Young twinks, who had been sittingbehind us. Young twinks looked away like he hadn't seen any of it. The momentpassed, and practice continued with 2-minute wrestling drills.
I went to sleep that night thinking about Young boy's hairy leg next to mine,and the sexual energy in the 1/4 inch space between our legs. I thought abouthis awesome package, and his sprawling patch of pubic hair. I thought abouthim teasing me about getting turned on, pointing at my wet-spot, and hopedit meant something. The dream I had that night was about him.
In the dream, we were in my bedroom. He was wearing only shorts,bare-chested and barefoot. I was wearing a t-shirt .... and no pants. That'sjust how I remembered the dream beginning. I was laying on the floor on myback, looking up at him standing beside me. I had a steel hard-on. (BigSurprise!). He told me to spread my legs apart and put the soles of my feettogether. I did it. Totally exposed. The unspoken understanding was .... myhard wiener was all his.
Then he kneeled beside me. He got shaving cream and lathered mycrotch. All slow and deliberate. He got a safety razor and started shaving mypubes.
He told me he was shaving my pubes cause I was just a boy. He toldme to hold still and watch while he shaved me clean. It was for my owngood. A boy like me didn't need any pubic hair. If I needed to see some realteen-stud pubes, it would have to be his. And besides, this would make myperky little boy-boner look bigger. My dick was rigid. He moved it around ashe worked.
In a few minutes, all of my pubic hair was gone. Totally gone. Helooked at it with an approving smile. He rubbed the smooth skin with hisfingers and said, "aaahhh .... nice and smooth." Then he shaved the thin skinof my ball-sack silky-smooth. He said he wanted my hard cock totally nakedfor him. It was. I felt totally exposed, totally hard for him.
Then he said, "but that's not quite enough." He grabbed a black magicmarker. "Everyone's gonna see you're just a boy, but they also need to knowWHOSE boy."
"Hold still," he said. He started drawing substitute pubes, a maze ofcurly-cues all around the base of my dick. I watched the flexing muscles ofhis hand as he marked me with bold, firm strokes. He had an expression offocused concentration. My boy-hard dick was leaking as he moved it around.When he was done, he pulled my oozing boner downward and let go. Itslapped against my belly.
"Perfect," he said, capping the magic marker, "Go look in the mirror."
I went to the full-length mirror on the back of my bedroom door andlooked at myself. My crotch was totally smooth, my cherished pubic hairgone. The magic marker curly-cues only called more attention to my hairlessstate, framing my naked boner in stark contrast. Then I looked closer at theartwork. In the midst of the intricate design I could clearly make out letters.They spelled out "Young boy," in reverse, forming a semicircle above my cock. Itmarked me as his. Then the dream dissolved.
I woke up, startled and very horny. The loss of my hard-earned crotch-hair .... was so unexpectedly contrary to my usual way of thinking .... andsuch an embarrassment .... but there was no denying how desperately,urgently horny it made me. It took only a minute to spew as I kneeled on mybed, light-stroking and thinking of Young boy coming into my bedroom andshaving me clean. The dream stuck in my head. Of course, I poured it into myjournal.


Monday, July 04, 2005

YOUNGGAYBOYS: My sweet little boy

Keith walked down to the park to see if any of his friends were around.His mom had gone to work and he didn't feel like being in that big emptyhouse alone. When he arrived at the park no one was there. He sat on abench and thought about of life. His dad didn't seem to care about himand left when he was very young. His mom was always working and it seemedlike his friends didn't want him around. On top of that he began to havefeelings for boys.
He didn't understand why but girls didn't do it for him. He felt likeno one cared about him. As he sat there he began to cry. He didn'tunderstand why he was so sensitive. He tried to stop the tears but themore he tried the more they came. He put his head into his hands and justgave in. He sat there and cried. The only person he knew that couldpossibly understand his pain lived in another state. He wanted to be withthis boy. His heart always skipped a beat with gayboytickytacky14 came online, or was already there waiting for him.
They would chat for hours about almost nothing. Or would trade pics andtell stories about what they would do if the lived near each other. Butas the day grew late and it was time to sign off Keith's heart wouldbreak. He didn't want to end the chat. He wanted it to go on forever andever. But he knew it couldn't. So he would tell his friend I love you,and gay boy would always reply I love you more my special little boy. Thengay boy was gone.
Keith would shut off his computer and lie in his bed clutching hispillow and begin to cry. Wishing it was gay boy he was holding onto. Tocomfort him and say everything is going to be all right as he moved in tosteal a kiss. Keith would whisper gay boys name as he imagined gay boy's handsrunning through his hair as there lips locked. It was the most firm butpowerful kiss of there lives. The kiss lasted twenty minutes and whenthey came apart they were breathing very hard.
Then without warning gay boy would push Keith onto his back and startskissing his way down Keith's body. He started at Keith's forehead andworked his way down to his right eye and then over to his left. Keithsighed as his noses was kissed and then his left and right cheek. Thenthere lips locked again but only for twenty seconds. gay boy continued hisquest downward. He kissed Keith's chin and all around his neck pausingto suck just on the right side leaving a very small hicky their. He thencontinued down the center of Keith's chest. Keith sucked in a deepbreath as he felt his left nipple being sucked into gay boy's warm mouth.
All of a sudden he felt a rise in his boxers as his boy cock also knownas Mr. Happy began to awake from his slumber. When gay boy moved to Keith'sRight nipple Mr. Happy was fully awake and begging to be taken care of.Keith so wanted to touch himself but gay boy had his arms pinned at hisside. So all he could so was moan and hope that soon gay boy would get towhere he wanted him to be.
gay boy noticed that Keith was squirming and knew he wouldn't last long ifhe kept this up so he moved down to Keith's belly button and lickedinside of it. Keith was going out of his mind by this time and couldn'ttake anymore. Please gay boy! He said. I need you to suck me now. I can'ttake in anymore. Please I'm begging you. gay boy smiled and moved his handto wipe a tear from Keith's cheek and said as you wish my special littleboy.
Keith lowered his head as he felt his boxers being lowered. He lifted hiships so gay boy could remove his boxers with no problem. The waistband ofhis boxers hooked his cock on the way down and when it came lose itbounced back hitting his belly with a loud smack. gay boy smiled as hefinished removing Keith's boxers and throwing on the floor with the restof there clothing. He watched intently as Keith's cock twitched with hisheart beat. Keith gasped went at last gay boy's hand wrapped around hisfive inch cock and lifted from his belly. gay boy lowered his head gettingcloser and closer as Keith held his breath waiting for the pleasure tohit him. When all of a sudden he was awaken by a loud ringing sound.
He was confused at first. Then he realized it was all a dream. FUCK! Hesaid out loud as he picked up the clock and threw it across the roombreaking it against the wall. That was three hours ago. Now here he wasin the park about to make the biggest decision of his life. He ran allthe way home and emptied his back packed. He then grabbed some clothesand put them in the bag zipped it up. He then went to his hiding placeand grabbed his money he was saving. He counted out three hundred dollarsand put it into his pocket. He then grabbed some paper and decided toleave his mom a note. As he wrote he stared to cry again. He hated toleave this way but he felt he had no choice.
He wrote. "Dear mom: Dear mom: I am so sorry. I am leaving to follow myheart. You wouldn't understand my decision and what I feel inside. Iwill write or call you when I arrive safely. Remember mom. I Love you.You're Son Keith. He went into the kitchen and left the note on thetable where his mother will be able to see it. He then went into thefridge and fixed a couple of sandwiches and grabbed a couple of sodas andput them in his bag. He was about to leave when he decided to do one lastthing. He went up to his room and turned on his computer. He signed onand decided to email a certain someone to let him know what he wasplanning.
He signed off and did one last thing. He opened his computer and pulledout his hard drive. Making sure no one would know where he was going. Wewent downstairs and out his front door. He walked down the street andtook one last look back at his house. All the memories came flooding backbut he put them aside. He wanted new memories and they were all waitingfor him in Chicago, Illinois. He took a deep breath and took his firsttowards the bus station which was downtown. I coming gay boy he said in hisheart. And for the first time in his fourteen years life he felt happy.Like nothing could keep him down. A smile crossed his face as he knew hewould finally be happy.
Arriving at the bus station Keith walked up to the counterand asked the agent how much a one way ticket would cost to Chicago. Theagent typed on here computer and said ninety-five dollars. Keith paid thefair and the agent said the bus will leave in about and hour at gatetwelve.
Thank You, Keith said as he picked up his bag and went tofind a seat. He looked around the station and found a row of chairs thatwasn't to far from the gate. He took a seat and pulled a sandwich formhis bag and a can of soda. As he ate he thought of gay boy and the firsttime they chatted.
gay boy known as boy15youngandwellhung at the time clicked onthe screen name of Keith. (Sorry can't give his screen name.) At firstKeith didn't know he could trust this boy. But, as time went by Keithfell in love with this boy. gay boy would tell him everything he did withhis friends.
gay boy told Keith about his boyfriend Dave and one other boynamed Jose. Keith longed for what gay boy had and always said he was happyfor his net pal. Then one day gay boy told Keith about this boy namedManuel.
The conversation went something like this.
gay boy: guess what Keith?
Keith: What.
gay boy: I saw a boy checking me out in the showers today
Keith: Really! Is he cute?
gay boy: Yes he is very cute.
Keith: Is he as cute as you.
gay boy No. LOL! He's Cuter.
Keith: how old does he look?
gay boy: About thirteen years old
Keith: Cool.
gay boy Yea I know.
gay boy: I caught him looking at me and he turned away really quick.
Keith: He did.
gay boy: Yes, I just had to smile to myself.
Keith: I know you did.
gay boy: I'm going to talk to him during lunch today.
Keith: Oh okay.
gay boy: Yea, and who knows might be someone new to add to the group.
Keith: That sounds like fun. Wish I was there with you guys.
gay boy: Me too. But don't worry you'll find someone just right for you.
Keith: And if I don't
gay boy: Well you can always come here and I will show you the love youdeserve.
Keith: Man gay boy you don't know how much I would like that.
gay boy: Yes I do Keith. I'm so glad I met you.
Keith: I'm glad I met you to. You really helped me out you know.
gay boy: Yes I know. Man it's getting late so I have to go.
Keith: Oh okay bye gay boy
gay boy: Bye my sweet little boy.
Keith: I love you.
gay boy: I love you more.
The bus for Chicago is now boarding at gate twelve. Keithcame back to reality as the announcement was made a second time. He drankthe last of his soda and picked up his bag. As he turned around he ranstraight into someone and hit the floor. Feeling a little angry he yelledas he got up. "Why don't you watch where you are go---! "His wordtrialed off for standing in front of him was a police officer. I'm sorryyoung man the officer said. IIIt's okay Keith said. I'm just in ahurry.
I can see that the officer said. Where are you headed? Ahh,Keith thought for a moment. I'm going to New York to see my cousins.Well the officer said, have a safe trip, and be careful. Yes sir officer.Keith said as he walked towards gate twelve.
He was first in line and handed the driver his ticket. Heboarded the bus and went towards the back. He hoped the rest of thepeople would not come near wear he was sitting. No one did. As he satthere he began to cry softly to himself. That run in with the officerreally scared him. He thought he was caught for sure. He thought of hismom who would just be getting home from work right now. More tearsstarted to flow as knew how worried his mom would be about her onlylittle boy going out into the world.
Oh mom, I hope you can forgive me he said softly to him self.As the bus began to pull away from the terminal he took one last look athis small home town and smiled. The tears continue to flow as he quietlycried himself to sleep.
Manuel opened his eyes and yawned. He turned around to see gay boy still sleeping next to him. He was so happy that they were togetherwith each other. That first time he saw gay boy in the shower confirmedeverything in his mind. He was gay. He just didn't know how to letanyone know about it. But gay boy somehow knew.
He went back to the first day that gay boy talked to him atlunch.
gay boy: Hi, You're new here right
Manuel: Yea, I am
gay boy: Do you like it here so far.
Manuel: its okay I guess hard to make friends though.
gay boy: Well tell you what. I'll be your friend how's that.
Manuel: "smiles" that would be great. By the way my names Manuel butyou can call me Manny.
gay boy: Good to meet you Manny I'm gay boy, but you can call me gay boyy if youlike.
Manuel: Okay gay boyy.
gay boy: I need to talk to you about something.
Manuel: What is it?
gay boy: Well it's kind of personal and I don't want anyone else to hearus so follow me.
Manuel: okay
They walked over to the base field and sat on the bleachers.
Manuel: What is it that you want to talk about?
gay boy: Well, I saw you checking me out in the school showers.
Manuel: I didn't mean to. It's just that "his eyes fill with tears"
gay boy: It's just that what?
Manuel: Please don't make me say it. "As he began to sob"
gay boy: "Putting his arm around Manuel" Please don't cry. I just wantedknow if you were gay.
Manuel: "looks surprised" I don't know I'm just so confused rightnow. "Leans over and places his head on gay boys shoulder.
gay boy: "Rubs Manny's back gently" Its okay I kind of figured it out inthe showers when I saw you. By the way you have a nice cock.
Manuel: "Blushes" You really think so he said as he raised his head andsmiled
gay boy: I do. Oh, and one more thing I am gay.
Manuel: "eyes widen" You are, but I saw you with all those girlsearlier.
gay boy: Yeah I know, they just won't leave me alone.
Manuel: I can see why.
gay boy: Oh really now. Tell me then why won't they leave me alone.
Manuel: Because you're hot "covers his mouth and blushes as he saidthat a bit too loudly."
gay boy: "Laughs" Thanks that's what my boy friend tells me"
Manuel: You have a boy friend
gay boy: Yes, would u like to meet him. In fact I can introduce you to agroup of boys I mess around with if you like.
Manuel: Really.
gay boy: Yes really. Come on lets get going before lunch is over.

That was almost a month ago. Now here he was in his bestfriends' bed. He couldn't resist and placed a kiss on gay boy's cheek.gay boy slowly opened his eyes and saw a cute face looking down at him withthe most beautiful smile in the world.
Morning Manny gay boy said as he starched and yawned at the sametime. Morning Manny said with a smile. What are you smiling about? ThatManny said. gay boy followed his gaze down to his crotch area. gay boy smiledand said why good morning Mr. Happy. Manny laughed and wrapped his handaround his lovers cock. gay boy's head fell back to his pillow as he wasfeeling shear pleasure from Manny's hand.
Oh Manny, gay boy said. That feels so good. I can't believe howquickly you learned to. "gay boy's voice trailed off" as Manny mouthsurrounded his hard boyhood. Manny loved the taste of gay boy's cock. Fromthe very first time he had his mouth around it he knew there would be noother. "Buts that another story"
gay boys was moaning as he was getting close to that wonderfulfeeling. He put his hands on Manuel head and began a quick but lightfucking motion. Manny applied more suction and played with gay boys balls.He felt them draw up closer to gay boy's body. OH MY GOD! gay boy cried out ashe exploded into Manny's mouth.
Five strong burst of boy juice shot from his cock that wasquickly swallowed by Manny. As gay boy came down from his wonderful high,Manny released his cock that was in his mouth and moved up and kiss gay boyright on the lips. There mouths parted and tongue met. gay boy tasted someof his boy juice that lingered in Manny's mouth. They kissed and cuddlefor fifteen minutes. What a wonderful way to start the day gay boy said witha smile on his face.
I'm glad I could wake you after such a wonderful night. Yeahgay boy said. It sure was wonderful. I only wish it didn't have to end sosoon. I do to Manny said. But I have to get home in fifteen minutes.Well ok gay boy said as he got out of bed and started to get dress. I'mgoing to take a quick shower Manny said as he walked into the bathroom.Ok go ahead I'm just going to check my email real quick. gay boy sat at hiscomputer and turned it on. HE waited for it to boot up all the whilehoping to see if he got any messages form his on line buddy Keith. It wasKeith after all he got Manny to open up a lot more then usual. And forthat gay boy wanted to say thanks once again. The computer came up and hequickly signed on. He went to his messenger and saw that Keith wasn'ton. Strange he thought to himself. He's usually on about this time onSaturday. He shook it of and thought he went out with his grand pa. gay boysaw that he had one email and opened it.
As he was reading Manny came out of the shower and walkedover to where gay boy was sitting. Manny wrapped his arms around gay boy andkissed him on the check. What are you reading Manny asked? gay boy looked upat Manny with tears streaming down his face. It's a message form Keith.He ran away from home and he's coming here to Chicago. The only problemis he has no idea where I live.


YOUNGGAYBOYS: Sucking cock while being sucked

I rushed down the stairs at the sound of the doorbell ringing. It was
probably Young boy, Bad Boy was never on time. I couldn't remember one time
Bad Boy actually came on time, but I didn't care. He was my best friend,
and had been for three years since I moved to this town. Young boy was another
good friend, but I hadn't known him very long. He just moved here over the
summer and Bad Boy and I gladly opened our arms to him.

I opened the door and sure enough there was Young boy, sleeping bag in tow. He
looked to be struggling to carry the bag; it was nearly as big as he
was. Young boy was unusually short; doctors say some hormone was out of
whack. He looked like he was about 8 or 9 instead of the 12 years he
actually was.

"Hey Danny," he said.

"Hey... let me help you with that," I said, grabbing the sleeping bag and
throwing it in the hall toward the family room, where the sleepover would
be taking place.

Young boy pulled a video game cartridge from his cargo pant pocket. It was
some wrestling game... I didn't care much for it, but he and Bad Boy did.

"Brought this," he said, handing the game to me.

"Should be fun for later... Bad Boy is going to bring an extra controller."

"Oh, so he's not here yet?" asked Young boy.

"What do you think?" I said laughing.

Young boy walked down the hall and into the bathroom. He had shaggy dirty
blonde hair and blue eyes. He was skinny, but had some fat on him. I was
surprised earlier this year when we went swimming at the local pool how
pudgy of tummy he had for such a slight frame. Guess he hadn't had lost
that baby fat. Guess I couldn't say much either. I was of normal weight,
but still had a pudgy stomach and legs. I suspected I'd lose it when I hit
my growth spurt, but I really didn't care. I had short red hair and deep
green eyes, all traits of my mom and dad.

I was brought back to reality when Young boy slapped me on the back.

"Man, you were zoned out," joked Young boy.

"Yeah," was all I could say. I often got lost in my own thoughts, and it
happened a lot when I was at school too, although I was a good student. All
three of us were in the sixth grade, our first year in middle school.
Speaking of the three of us, finally the doorbell rang again. I opened the

"Sup?" questioned Bad Boy .

"Waiting for you," I said. "My mom says when can order a pizza when we're
hungry and they'll be home at like ten or something."

"Awesome," replied Bad Boy . "Good thing you don't have any brothers or
sisters. I know mine would ruin the sleepover."

"Hey, you don't have five like me!" exclaimed Young boy. We all laughed and
headed toward the family room.

"I guess we can just throw some blankets on the floor since you didn't
bring a sleeping bag Bad Boy ," I said, looking at his empty hands.

"Whatever. Let's turn on the TV. I think there's a new episode of The
Simpsons on."

I reached over to the remote and flipped the TV on. Sure enough the new
episode was just starting. We all sat silent, looking at the TV. I glanced
over at Bad Boy . He was of normal weight, like me, but didn't necessarily
have the fat on his stomach or thighs I did. He had dark brown hair and
deep hazel eyes. His hair was buzzed to about an inch, the way he liked
it. That way he didn't have to comb his hair in the morning like me or
Young boy. He was wearing shorts and I could see his long, tan legs. He was
the tallest of us all, nearly 5 feet 3 inches. I was probably an inch or
two shorter, while Young boy was a good half foot or shorter than Bad Boy . I
had pretty fair skin, like most red heads, while Young boy was slightly
tan. Bad Boy was he usual deep tanned self. I don't know how the boy did

After the show we called the pizza place and ordered an extra large
pepperoni. It arrived in about half an hour and we scarfed it all down. My
parents came home and wished us goodnight before heading upstairs. They
knew I didn't want them to bug us. It was over first sleepover in a long
time, the first with Young boy. This time Bad Boy and I were determined to
stay up past midnight. Normally we'd pop in a movie about ten, like we were
doing now, but then fall asleep during it. Young boy was a ball of energy,
maybe he was the missing link. The movie, Bruce Almighty, was mildly
entertaining, but about an hour into it we caught ourselves all looking at
each other bored.

"Hey, I got an idea!" exclaimed Bad Boy .

"What?" Young boy and I asked at the same time.

"Let's play truth or dare in the hot tub!" Bad Boy said, pointing outside
with a sly grin. It had to be about only forty degrees outside.

"Yeah, but we don't have swimsuits," I said, trying to think of an option.

"We could all just wear our boxers or in something," replied Young boy.

"Well, then our boxers would be all wet... unless if you guys would want to
wear a pair of mine after..."

They both scrunched up their faces.

"Hmm, well we could just do it inside," I said.

"Yeah but you can't be loud or do crazy stuff inside," replied Bad Boy .

"Well I don't think we can do it outside," Young boy said.

"I have an idea," Bad Boy said sheepishly. "Nawwwww..."

"What is it?" I pleaded.

"Well, we could turn the bubbles and jets on and all hide our eyes while
someone strips and gets in," Bad Boy said, trying to sound unsure incase we
didn't like the idea.

"Sounds good to me," I said, Young boy nodding in agreement. "Let's go!"

We headed outside and I turned on the jets. We all hid our eyes while
Young boy slipped in.

"Done," he said. My eyes went to the hot tub, where I saw Young boy' upper
half exposed, his lower half perfectly hidden by the whirls of water and

"Me next," said Bad Boy . "Close your eyes."

He waited while we hid our eyes, then I heard his shorts fall and his body
slip into the water. I opened my eyes slightly and saw his small, round
butt slip into the hot tub. I was next. I started to slip off my pants...

"Dude, tell us you're going!" Bad Boy laughed.

"Sorry," I said, slipping off the rest of my clothes. My balls shrunk
against my body due to the cold temperature. I slowly slipped in, adjusting
to the hot water.

"Done," I said, fully in. "I get to ask first since I'm the oldest."

"Yeah by two weeks," replied Young boy.

"I'll pick on Bad Boy then," I said. Bad Boy had just turned twelve. "Truth
or dare?"

"Truth," replied Bad Boy .

"What is the grossest thing you've ever eaten?" I asked.

"Vegetables," he said and we all laughed. Questions like these continued
for a while, but then things started to get more interesting.

"Truth or dare?" Bad Boy asked me.

"Dare," I said. Dares to this point had been scream a cuss word or eat a
booger. Bad Boy got a big smile on his face, and I knew something crazy was

"Run across the backyard and back."



I gulped. "Fine, close your eyes then."

I watched until I was satisfied their eyes were closed. I slipped out and
ran across the yard. My balls were tight against my body and my penis and
shrunken... it was cold. As I was coming back it was apparent that their
eyes were no longer closed as I could see them smiling and their eyes wide

"Hey!" I said.

"Don't worry," joked Bad Boy , "It's so small I can't even see it!"

"That's because it so cold," I said, slipping into the pool, mad that they
didn't keep their eyes closed. I'd make sure payback would happen.

"Your dick looks weird Danny," Young boy told me.

"How so?" Bad Boy asked.

"Didn't look like mine," Young boy replied, confused.

"Looked like mine, except smaller," Bad Boy said smugly.

"Truth or dare?" I asked Young boy.

"Dare," he replied. A ha!

"Show us your dick," I said giggling.

"What!?!? No fair!" Young boy wailed.

"Hey you guys saw mine, it's only fair," I said.

"Yeah and we want to see what's different," chimed Bad Boy .

Young boy sighed and reached his arms back toward the edge of the hot tub. He
slowly lifted himself up on the edge, exposing his boyhood from the bubbly
pool. His thighs were chubby and I saw his rather pudgy belly again. His
penis was pretty good sized for his body size, but not nearly as big as
Bad Boy 's or mine. His balls hung loosely in his sack, which was hot from
the water. His penis was about an inch long, but didn't have pee slit or
upper part on it. The skin went all the way to the top.

"I wonder if it's that foreskin thing we learned about in Sex-Ed," Bad Boy
said, studying Young boy' crotch.

"Oh yeah," I said, recalling that lesson.

"Look," Young boy said, rolling back his foreskin to reveal his head. Now it
looked like ours. "It's just the same... with extra skin I guess."

He slipped back into the hot tub and asked Bad Boy if he'd like truth or

"Dare," Bad Boy said, smiling. He knew what he was going to be asked and
seemed eager to do it.

"Show us your dick!" Young boy said giggling. I waited eagerly. I had never
seen Bad Boy 's dick in our three plus year friendship.

Without hesitation, Bad Boy stood up, revealing his package. We all started
to laugh. He had a huge erection, his penis sticking about three and three
fourths inches from his body, pointing slightly up. It wasn't very thick
yet, but it still was good size. A little patch of peach fuzz dotted the
base of his shaft, and his balls hung loosely in a sack.

"Damn, you have hair already?" Young boy said.

"Yeah," Bad Boy said. "I may be the youngest, but I bet I have the biggest

"No way," I said. I had an erection of my own now and stood up. Mine was
about three and a half inches, pointing straight out from my body, not up
like Bad Boy 's. I had no pubic hair of any kind, only a few light hairs on
my balls. Young boy stood up, but he didn't have an erection.

"You have to get a boner silly," Bad Boy said.

"I don't know how," Young boy said.

"Just grab your dick and rub it back and forth," I said, from
experience. He probably didn't have much private time with five brothers
and sisters. Young boy grabbed his dick and slowly rubbed it back and
forth. It rose within a few seconds. It was probably about two and a half
inches, slightly thinner than mine, and stood out straight from his
hairless body.

"Well it's between me and Bad Boy ," I said. "Get over here and let's
compare side to side"

Bad Boy came over and arranged himself right in front of me so we could put
our dicks together to compare. He grabbed my dick and arranged it with
his. I gasped.

"What's wrong?" Bad Boy asked, letting go of my penis.

"It just felt good," I replied. "It's okay."

Bad Boy moved back and arranged our dicks together. Every time his hand
touched my dick or my penis touched his, it sent waves of pleasure down my

"Ha! I win!" Bad Boy said, the winner by a small margin. He waved his dick
back and forth in front of me. I grabbed it, trying to get him to stop. He
flinched and closed his eyes. I let go.

"Damn, that felt good," he said, almost dazed.

"Hey," Young boy whined. "Don't forget I'm here."

"Sorry dude. Get over here then!" I said. He came over and we all sat down
back in the hot tub next to each other. We reached over and played with
each other under the water. I turned off the bubbles so we could see
better. We all had raging erections and were in deep pleasure.

"Let's do this inside," I said.

"Good idea," Bad Boy said. We all got out of the water and dried ourselves
off, nakedness not an issue like it was just an hour ago. We headed inside
and into the family room. I spread out the blanket I had gotten for
Bad Boy 's bed.

"I think I heard my brother talking about this," Young boy said, whose brother
was 14. "It's called whacking on or something, and you do it until you blow
your load."

"What the hell does that mean?" Bad Boy said.

"I think if you do it for awhile, something happens," Young boy replied.

"Well, then get your butt on the ground and let us try to make that
happen," I said. Young boy laid his body down and waited our touching. His
nipples were small, the size of dimes, and he had light hairs on his
legs. Other than that he was pretty much hairless, including his pudgy
thighs. Bad Boy and I converged on his erect dick, he taking the testicles,
me taking the shaft. We just rubbed in random directions, trying different
things with no technique. Young boy laid back and let out little moans, his
eyes closed and head back. He looked to be really enjoying himself. I
couldn't wait until it was my turn.

"I think something is happening," Young boy moaned, breaking the
silence. Bad Boy and I picked up the pace. All of a sudden Young boy started
to shudder and spasm, his body going all over the place. I thought
something was wrong. Pretty soon he came to a rest.

"Holy shit," Young boy whispered.

Bad Boy pointed at his now limp crotch.

"You didn't shoot your load," he said simply.

"That doesn't happen till you're older," I said, recalling that day in
health class. "Me next!"

I lay down and closed my eyes. A flurry of action started to happen on my
genitals, and I felt pleasure like I had never done before. Someone was
playing with my smooth balls, rolling them around madly. Someone was
stroking my penis in a rythmatic up and down motion, and I could feel weird
tingling moving down my body. Within a few minutes the pleasure had risen
to a point where I felt I was going to explode, and I did. I started to
shudder up and down my body, my penis now extra sensitive to their every
touch. After about thirty seconds of intense pleasure, my dick became limp
in what turned out to be Bad Boy 's hands.

"Wow," was all I had to say. I looked down and saw I didn't shoot anything
either, but I really didn't expect too.

"My turn!" Bad Boy said, laying down and spreading his legs wide. I
examined them. A few dark brown hairs spotted them, but his thighs remained
smooth. He had nickel sized nipples. Young boy and I both reached for his few
pubic hairs, feeling their soft texture. I grabbed his balls, and noticed
they seemed quite larger than mine, although you couldn't really tell from
the outside. Young boy had his shaft. We started to pleasure him and he let
out some loud moans.

"Dude, shut up. My parents will hear," I whispered.

"Sorry," he replied. "Just feels so good."

We continued to stroke and prod for minutes. I could feel his balls
adjusting to the warmth of my hand. All of a sudden I could feel his body
tense up.

"I'm getting to the end!" Bad Boy said as he body jumped into the air. I
watched with amazement as two shots of clear fluid flew from the top of his
penis and into the air. They landed on his chest. After about twenty
seconds he stopped shivering and become soft.

"Cool," Young boy said, pointing at the clear liquid on his stomach.

Bad Boy didn't realize what he had done until Young boy pointed it out. He was
quite proud of himself, being the only one who could squirt.

"If you're such a man, I dare you to eat it," I challenged.

Bad Boy smiled and scooped the fluid into his mouth and swallowed.

"It's good, maybe you can have some next time," he joked. I actually wasn't
too grossed out at the idea, I was curious and wondered what it tasted like
now that Bad Boy said it was good.

"I'm tired," Young boy said, yawning.

"It's one... let's go to bed," I commented.

We all put our boxers on and got into bed. Although I feel asleep fairly
quickly, I could tell Bad Boy was whacking off again by the small
vibrations in the floor. I would have offered to do it for him, but I was
too tired. Within a minute, I fell asleep.

It had been almost a month since the sleepover with Young Boy and Bad Boy , but
it seemed like much longer than that. I thought about it every day and
tried to emulate the experience in bed most every night. Although I was
able to have an orgasm, it just wasn't as good and didn't feel the same as
when Young Boy and Bad Boy did it. After that night we had remained pretty
closed on the issue. We would talk about our whacking off strategies, but
never about doing it to each other. Bad Boy would sometimes get my
attention in class and lower his hand near his crotch and move it back and
forth as if whacking off. He'd roll his head back and stick out his
tongue. After a few seconds he'd come up laughing and I would join him. He
obviously had the most hormones of the three us. We all admitted the week
before we jacked off every night and often times more. Bad Boy had the
record with four in one day but I didn't believe him. He also said he shot
four squirts of juice, but I was doubtful. If I couldn't make it feel as
good, how could he make it feel so good he shot more? I would have to find
this out for myself. The opportunity arose one Friday after school. Bad Boy
told me to meet his after school before getting on the bus. He seemed like
he had a big secret, and I was curious on what he had.

I wondered out of the front doors and saw Bad Boy standing under a tree. I
approached him.

"Hey what is it?" I asked.

"This," Bad Boy said, glancing around before pulling out a magazine. "I
found it under my brother's bed."

I looked at the magazine... on the cover was some girl covering up her
large breasts with her hands. It was a naughty magazine, something I had
always wanted to see. All the "cool" kids bragged about how many they
had. Bad Boy quickly put it back into his backpack.

"Somebody's gonna see," he cautioned.

"Well maybe you can sleep over tonight along with Young Boy and we can check
it out in private," I suggested.

"Cool, sounds good!"

Ding ding ding. There was my ticket to another night with them. No way this
wasn't going to involve something between the three of us. I promised
myself not to whack off when I got home... I had to save all my energy.

That afternoon I prepared for what should be a fun night. I squirted some
lotion into a smaller bottle... I noticed it helped make whacking off more
pleasurable because your whole hand could contact your penis instead of
just a couple fingers. I made sure the hot tub was the right temperature,
it was a little hot, 102 degrees, but that would mean we'd just have to
lift our *hopefully* naked bodies out and sit on the ledge once in a
while. I also pulled out a few blankets and pillows and put them in the
upstairs bonus room. We could close the door and maybe be a bit louder this
time, while also not being in plain sight if somebody woke up. I watched
the clock, I was eager for them to arrive. This time they weren't supposed
to get to my house until eight, already fed. The doorbell rang. I opened up
the door, to my surprise it was Bad Boy .

"Wow... you're actually on time," I said, acting shocked.

"Yeah," Bad Boy said, seeming eager. He had his backpack with him.

"You got the uh," I looked around, "Magazine?"

"I'm not stupid," said Bad Boy , carefully putting his bag down in the
corner. "When your parents going to go to bed?"

"Probably ten like usual." I said. The doorbell rang. It was Young Boy.

"Ha! I beat you!" Bad Boy said, punching Young Boy lightly in the shoulder.

"Oww," said Young Boy. "So what's up? You guys seemed kinda anxious for me to
come over."

"This," Bad Boy said, walking slowly toward his backpack. He glanced around
then slowly slid the magazine out from his bag. Young Boy' eyes opened wide
and he grinned.

"Cool," Young Boy grinned.

Bad Boy quickly put the magazine back.

"We have to wait until Danny's parents go to bed and stuff," Bad Boy

"What should we do until then?" I asked. "Go in the hot tub?"

Both Young Boy and Bad Boy were in shorts. They said they'd just wear their
boxers into the hot tub then go underwear-less in their shorts
afterwards. I'm sure skinny dipping would be fine if it weren't for my
parents being awake and all. We all shed to our boxers and went outside. I
caught myself looking at Bad Boy and Young Boy' bodies, noticing how soft and
smooth their skin was. I was visually taking off their boxers and looking
at their packages; hopefully I wouldn't have to imagine their nudity later
that night.

We all slipped into the hot tub and sat back. I turned on the bubbles. We
talked about random things for a while, and Bad Boy told us what he knew
about the magazine. He didn't have much time to look at it, most of his
time was occupied by hiding it, but he saw that there were lots of pictures
of men and women naked. The sound of it got me excited, and I'm sure both
my friends were too. I had a big boner, but I was able to hide it. Suddenly
Bad Boy 's eyes lit up.

"Turn on the jets full blast," Bad Boy said, moving himself in front of the
nearest jet. When the jet came on full blast, Bad Boy flipped around and
adjusted his crotch right in front the stream of water. He moved his hips
back and forth, letting out little yelps.

"Oh... that's good..." he moaned.

Both Young Boy and I were interested now in what it felt like. We both found a
jet and did similar. If my parents were to look out they would see three
boys wiggling in front of jets in obvious attempts to pleasure
themselves. It felt good, better than when I jacked off by myself, but
nothing like that intense pleasure from the first sleepover. After a few
minutes I could feel myself moving toward climax, but then suddenly thought
how this could be detrimental to efforts later tonight. I pulled myself
away, hard as it was.

"Better stop guys, we need to save some of this for later tonight," I
said. After hearing those words come out of my mouth I was
embarrassed. What would they think of me assuming we'd be jacking off later
to the magazine?

"Good idea," Bad Boy said, pulling himself away from the jet slowly. Young Boy
did similar. Phew. It also gave me more hope... they expected to have fun
with the magazine in the way I did. Tonight would be a good night. I could
feel it.

I turned the jets off and it was obvious we all had raging boners. I pulled
my boxers down.

"You're just going to have to wait," I said, looking at my erect
boyhood. My testicles swayed back and forth below in the currents of the

Young Boy and Bad Boy both laughed. Bad Boy pulled down his boxers, allowing
his boner free. His small patch of hair, seemingly larger now, swayed back
and forth along with his nutsack. His penis stood at painful attention,
pointing upward. Young Boy now had his pants down as well, his penis also
hard. I concentrated on his foreskin, which was foreign and interesting to
me. Hopefully, I'd get a chance to inspect it up close sometime tonight. It
sure did compliment his already heavenly body.

We all just sat there for a few moments, enjoying the feel of the water on
our crotches. We were all startled when my mom poked her head out from the
door and announced they were going to bed and to be inside by eleven,
making sure to be quiet. Luckily, she was at an angle so that she could not
see down into the hot tub. Who knows what she would think of the three of
us skinny dipping with erections. We all laughed once she went back inside,
looking at our now soft penises. A disruption will tend to do that. I know
that when I've played with myself and I think my mom walks by my door I
often lose the erection. It may be helpful here, as we had to save some of
this for later on.

We climbed out of the hot tub and peeled off our boxers. We all were
comfortable with being naked in front of each other, a far cry from the
beginning of the first sleepover. We slipped on our shorts and headed

We decided to play the X-BOX, since we didn't last time. The wrestling game
was the game of choice, and since Bad Boy didn't bring an extra controller,
I sat out. I was content to sit on the couch and watch their shorts for
glances at their boyhoods. I got a lot of them since they weren't wearing
underwear of any kind. Young Boy' penis lay softly on top of his balls, while
Bad Boy seemed to have a semi-erection most the time. That kid was horny,
that was for sure. Young Boy was the opposite almost; obviously the hormones
hadn't quite hit him as hard yet. I looked at his cute legs, smooth and
slightly tan. He had small feet with nicely formed toes. Bad Boy had big
feet, size eight, but his feet were equally as nice. I could see some of
the dark hairs on Bad Boy 's legs in the light, but unless you had just the
right light you couldn't see anything. I remembered his smooth, hairless
thighs from the first sleepover. I could see most of them along with the
bottom of his bum due to the way he was sitting. I was snapped out of this
staring when Young Boy stood up and turned off the X-BOX.

"Well, its eleven thirty," said Bad Boy . "Your parents should be long
asleep by now. Shall we?"

"Yeah!" Young Boy said, adjusting his crotch through his shorts. As Bad Boy
got the magazine, I got a nice big soft blanket and spread it out in the
middle of the room. We all gathered around as Bad Boy set the magazine
down. We all just kind of stared for a minute then Bad Boy opened it. The
table of contents... some interesting looking stuff. My penis quickly rose
to attention, ready for action. Bad Boy also had an obvious bulge in his
pants. I took a risk and went out on a limb. I slowly slid my shorts down
my legs, revealing my erect boyhood. Both of them looked at me surprised.

"It was bound to happen anyway. Better sooner than later," I said frankly,
criss-crossing my legs in front of me, allowing my balls to hang free
toward the ground.

Both Young Boy and Bad Boy kind of shook their heads like "yeah, good idea,
that's true" and stripped off their shorts. Bad Boy had a raging boner, as
always it seemed, while Young Boy was slightly erect. I looked at Bad Boy 's
patch of pubic hair. It was still very small, but like I suspected, it had
grown a little bit. Before it was growing a little bit on both sides of his
shaft, and not right in the middle. Now it seemed, a dozen or so hairs had
connected it in the middle. They were still light and soft, like the hair
on top of your head. Bad Boy 's balls stayed close to his body trying to
warm up. It was a bit cold in the room, but the events to come were sure to
change that.

We all continued to look at the magazine, flipping page by page. Now Young Boy
also had a raging erection, as he petted it softly while looking. Nobody
was doing anything major to themselves, just rubbing a little bit here and
there. We flipped to the next page. "Blow Job Orgy" read the title.

"What the heck are they doing?" asked Young Boy.

"It's called a blow job orgy apparently," I said. "Must be like whacking
someone off, except with your mouth."

"Cool," Bad Boy said. "Bet it feels hella good."

"Yeah I bet," I said. We all bowed our heads. We all knew what everyone was
thinking, we just didn't have the balls to say it out loud. What seemed
like several minutes passed.

"You want to uh... you know...?" came Bad Boy 's timid question.

Both Young Boy and I looked up. "Yeah."

"Who goes first then?" asked Bad Boy . "Rock, paper, scissors?"

After an intense game of rock, paper, scissors, it was determined that
Young Boy would get a "blow job orgy" from us first, then it was my
turn. Lastly, Bad Boy would go. It just so happened that was the same order
we went last time. A good omen perhaps.

Young Boy lay down and closed his eyes. Interested in his foreskin, I moved
in, while Bad Boy started to rub Young Boy' legs. I rolled back Young Boy'
foreskin, revealing his head. It was red and looked like anything that
touched it would send him into convulsions. I decided to suck him with the
foreskin intact. I lowered my mouth around his dick and took it all in. I
gave it a few strokes, sucking it like a popsicle. A slight chlorine taste,
but not much else. It felt great to have his rock hard penis in my mouth,
victim to my every touch and feel. Young Boy moaned loudly.

"Holy shit that's good," he wailed. Young Boy never swore, leading me to
believe it must have been something really special.

Bad Boy , meanwhile, started licking his nipples, making them erect and
sensitive. He sure seemed pretty comfortable and eager in what he was
doing; like he had prior experience on the matter. I'd better let him
finish Young Boy off if I wanted any turn on Bad Boy . I hoped to have the last
one, so he would explode into my mouth.

"Here," I said, motioning to Bad Boy . "You finish him off."

Bad Boy looked excited as he went down on Young Boy' dick. He took in his
balls as well, in one big mouthful. He swooshed them all around his mouth;
the more I saw Bad Boy doing it, the more I couldn't wait for my turn. I
turned my attention to Young Boy' feet, rubbing them lightly and trying to
copy what Bad Boy had done. I took my soft hands and rubbed them up and
down his smooth, pudgy legs. I could feel the muscles in his legs tighten
up. Bad Boy must have been doing his job well. Within a few seconds, Young Boy
exploded, jumping all over the place and moaning loudly. Thankfully the
door was closed. He stopped moving. His eyes were still closed and his
mouth open. Soft whines came from it. I thought we had maybe hurt him or
something until he sat up and let out a huge smile.

"That was... FREAKING AWESOME!" he exclaimed. "Twenty times better than
just jacking off."

"My turn!" I exclaimed, laying down and spreading wide. I closed my eyes
and waited for the feelings to come. I could feel someone's mouth come down
on me. It surrounded my dick, its warmth and moisture heavenly. I opened my
eyes a little. It was Bad Boy , and he looked intent on giving me an equal
experience. Young Boy meanwhile was rubbing my legs and toes, much like I had
done to him. Bad Boy let my shaft out of his mouth and put my balls in
there instead. He swished and whirled them around, massaging them with his
tongue. It felt better than anything else I had ever done. I moaned softly
to let them know what a good job they were doing. Bad Boy let go of my
mouth and a tighter, more compact mouth took over. Young Boy. He seemed unsure
at first, but soon was working it like a pro. Bad Boy moved up to my
nipples, making them erect and extra sensitive. The two concurrent
pleasures were enough to kill me. I could feel myself climaxing. I
burst. It was the longest spasm of pleasure I had had so far. Wave after
wave of pleasure jolted through me, as Young Boy kept his mouth over my shaft,
slowly sucking. Eventually it all came to an end. I felt exhausted. I
slowly sat up to the smiling faces of Young Boy and Bad Boy . I smiled back.

"I shoot anything Young Boy?" I asked, hopeful.

"Not that I could tell," he said. "But you sure would have squirted a lot
if you were able to. Thought you were gonna ram your dick right down my

I laughed. I glanced over at Bad Boy , who without a word lay down and shut
his eyes. He was ready.

"You start, I'll finish," I told Young Boy. He agreed. I went up to Bad Boy 's
nipples and did the same thing he had done to both Young Boy and I. He had the
biggest nipples of us all, and probably the most sensitive. I could tell I
was adding a whole other element of pleasure by doing this. I looked down
at Young Boy. He couldn't fit Bad Boy 's entire dick in his mouth, about the
last inch or so was not covered with his mouth. Oh well, the most sensitive
part was the top anyway. I looked at the magazine. How those girls got
those grown men's huge dicks all the way in their mouth I'd never know. I
moved down to Bad Boy 's legs. I rubbed them, feeling the light hairs. I
moved up to his thighs, tanned and smooth. Just then Young Boy tapped me on
the shoulder and motioned that it was my turn. I moved over Bad Boy 's
boyhood. I put it in my mouth, and I could just barely get it all in
without choking. His light hairs tickled my nose when I was all the way
down. I started to suck, moving up and down. I took his balls into my mouth
and massaged them the way he had done to me. They were quite large and I
couldn't get them in the same mouth with his dick like he had done to
me. While sucking his balls, I could feel the light hairs that dotted his
sack. I moved back up to his shaft for the finale. Whirling my tongue
around his head, I felt him tense up. Here it came. I moved down slowly on
his erection. He blew; shot after shot of his boy juice flew into my mouth;
four in all. He continued to shake and moan, shoving his dick deep into my
mouth. I was in heaven, along with him for sure. He stopped shaking and I
slowly took my mouth off his dick. The four shots were pretty small and I
didn't have too much of sampling, but I could taste his cum's bitter
sweetness. I swallowed. He was right, it tasted kind of good.

"Thanks for the treat Bad Boy , it was delicious," I said.

"No, thank you for the blow job orgy!" he came back.

We all looked at each other, our dicks now lying soft upon our balls. We
were all tired from the effort we had exerted. I gathered up a couple of
blankets and created a large bed between the couch and TV. My parents
didn't usually check in on us in the morning if we were in the bonus room,
so I felt it was safe we all slept together. Without words, we all climbed
in the bed and curled up against each other. I could feel Young Boy' warmth
against my back as he snuggled against me. His balls pressed hard against
my back right above my butt. Bad Boy and I locked legs and pressed our
crotches together. Our heads were right next to each other as we breathed
the same air.

"Goodnight guys," I said quietly.

"Goodnight," they both said. We fell asleep quickly.

My eyes slowly opened to the sight of Bad Boy sleeping. His hair was a
ruffled and he was breathing angelically. Young Boy was awake, sitting on the
couch with his shorts on, playing the X-BOX. I glanced over at him and gave
him a little "good morning" smile, to which he smiled back.

Bad Boy 's body was still pressed hard against mine. I could feel the warmth
of his balls pressed against my upper thigh. He must have scooted down
during the night. I reached my hand down and rolled his boyhood around,
giving a couple of strokes to his shaft, which promptly rose into an all
out erection. I played with his light pubic hairs before getting an
idea. I'm sure he'd like a good morning blow job orgy. I slowly peeled
myself from his body, feeling the moisture between us separate. I then did
a complete 180 under the covers until my face was even with his crotch.

I hesitated for a second, wondering if he'd like me sucking his dick
without his knowledge, but then again I was talking about Bad Boy . Of
course he wouldn't mind. I lowered my mouth to his sack, taking in the new
aroma. The sweat between us during the night had given it a light, sweet
odor. I lowered my mouth on his cock and gave it a few strokes, rubbing his
head with my tongue. I could feel him twitch, as his erection jumped in my
mouth. I wondered if he were awake. The answer came shortly, as his warm
hands gently grabbed my bare ass and pulled it closer to his face. All of a
sudden, I could feel a warm wetness surround my erection (how could I help
it... I was sucking my best friend's dick!) and I realized he was
returning the favor. It was intense, sucking while being sucked, and for
this reason we didn't last very long. After about two minutes, I could feel
Bad Boy tense up, which sent me into the same stage. I reached my hand over
and grabbed his warm balls, squeezing them a little, imagining that would
increase his pleasure. Within about ten seconds, I could feel him burst,
thrusting his hips into my mouth, sending three little shots of his juice
into my mouth. That sent me over the edge, as I convulsed in his mouth. He
rolled my balls around while I was doing this, making it feel even
better. I couldn't wait till I was able to shoot and give him a yummy
treat, as he had given me. I swallowed his warm juices, which tasted good
as always. I felt his dick go limp in my mouth, and mine did the same in
his. I let his out and gave his balls and quick lick before pulling
away. He kissed my balls. I flipped around and poked my head out from under
the covers. I saw Bad Boy , sleepy, with his eyes barely open, smiling at
me. I smiled back.

I got up and sat next to Young Boy on the couch, who had a small bulge in his
pants. I spread my legs wide, letting my tired dick rest softly on top of
my balls. I remained naked, watching him play NBA Live 2004 for a while. I
caught him looking down at my crotch a number of times, trying to disguise
himself as looking at the controller.

"Want me to suck you?"

"Only if you want to," Young Boy said, the polite way of saying "of course!"

"Lay down on the couch," I instructed, waiting for him to get
comfortable. Once he was in position, I slid his shorts down, revealing his
erect boyhood. I gave his smooth thighs a few slow strokes before
converging on his crotch. Though none of their dicks was particularly hard
to fit into my mouth, I could definitely tell Young Boy' was smaller. Not
nearly as long and slightly thinner. I got to play with his foreskin
though, as I pushed my tongue up into it, hitting the head of his dick and
causing him to shudder. He must have been playing with himself while
watching me and Bad Boy pleasure each other, because within about two
minutes he was ready to blow. He burst into my mouth, as I could feel every
shudder of his body transmitted through his dick and into my mouth. As he
slowly came to a halt, I played with his balls, in a much tighter sack and
significantly smaller than Bad Boy 's. It was amazing how much more you
could tell about their packages by feel alone. I rolled his balls around
for a few seconds before backing away and letting Young Boy recover from the
energy draining experience. His eyes slowly opened.

"Thanks," he moaned softly, slowly sitting up.

I turned around to see Bad Boy was slowly rising, turning toward us. He got
a sly smile on his face.

"Geez Danny, how many dicks are you gonna suck today?" he said jokingly.

"The more I do it, the better I get," I said matter of factly. They both
laughed, realizing in their heads that it was true, and most importantly, I
wasn't joking.

"Come on, let's get our shorts on and get something to eat," I said,
finding my shorts and slipping them on. Young Boy reached down, pulling his
pants up from his ankles. Bad Boy found his, sliding his slightly erect
penis into them. I swear that kid never seemed to get tired. I gave him a
little slap on the butt as we headed out the door and down the stairs.